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Why We’re Going Round The World (RTW)

A lot of people ask the question, why (and how) are you traveling “round the world”, and, while this trip may not be taking us completely around the world in standard Magellan fashion, we thought it prudent to explain ourselves. In doing so, we’ll quell all the rumors of traumatic childhoods, fears of growing up, and just your general inability to face reality talk, that these types of trips often arouse.

Reasons to go abroad:
1. Because we want to!

Is there a better reason to do anything, other than simply wanting to? At the moment, I can’t think of one. Vicky and I have been hardened travelers since birth when we made our one way trip from the womb to the world as we know it. In fact, if Vicky’s traveling history were to be a rap sheet, it would rival the most nefarious criminals of the 20th century. Growing up in Moscow, Russia, she quickly made the trip to Australia at the age of 4, and then to “the states” at the age of 12, only to jump around a few more times, until finally settling down in Ashland, MA. On the other hand, while my background is not quite as impressive, having a sister living abroad in Europe and a mother who also made the rounds through Europe in her day, it is safe to say that the travel bug was always there, waiting for the means to catch up. After Vicky and I collided in our Junior year of high school, it took only about a year until we were off, together, to our first trip abroad to Italy, where we made our way through Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and Turin in 12 days. During college, we both maintained our appetites for travel by studying abroad (Vicky to Spain and me to Russia).  Lastly, together  we have trekked through Israel and, most recently, through Greece (link article).  Growing tired of only one trip a year, and the inefficiency that comes with only two weeks of contiguous travel, Vicky and I agreed that the time was now to explore our options for a backpacking extravaganza.

2. Because we can

Yet another fantastic reason to do something. Simply put, we have the means. Let’s get one thing straight though. We do not take this lightly. We have been fortunate enough to find ourselves at a time in our lives where commitments and responsibilities, are, so to speak, at a minimum. Moreover, we have taken the necessaries steps over the past year to provide ourselves the financial means as well as the knowledge for such an undertaking. While it my be the case, that over the course of a person’s life, there arise many opportunities for extensive travel (if they so desire), it is fair to say that some times are simply better than others. We believe that for us, this time is now, and we plan to seize it.

3. To be creative

Vicky and I are both creative people, but, unfortunately, like many people do not always have the opportunity to be creative in our everyday activities. I work as an analyst for a financial services company, and Vicky is an accountant – need I say more? What does it mean, though, to be creative. Well, in my mind, it will be writing and filming. These are two arts I would like to improve at, and I believe that travel will be a great medium through which I can explore my ability (or inability) to be creative in these areas. We will be maintaining and active blog, hopefully, filled with interesting articles and videos of our travel, and this will, primarily, be my responsibility. Vicky on the other hand, is more interested in cooking and photography. In case you are interested in the progress she has made in this area over the last year, see (insert link). During our travels, Vicky will be incorporating recipes and photographs of authentic, ethnic dishes from everywhere we travel, and hopefully, from everyone we encounter!

4. To travel

Travel for the sake of travel. We’re out for experiences. Whether that means hiking to Everest base camp or canoeing down the Jordan river, Vicky and I are up for it! On the one hand, we both feel very strongly that this trip is not in any way shape or form, some extended vacation. It is work. We are going to go to great lengths of understand the culture and the atmosphere of every village of every city of every country that we travel to. Hopefully, at the same time, we’ll see a few sites on the way, because there is nothing wrong, with “being a tourist” when the moment strikes.

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