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Travel Blogs

Get Up and Globe Skott and Shawna Y Travel Blog Caz and Craig Nomadic Matt Matt
Legal Nomads Jodi Uncornered Market Dan and Audrey The Planet D Deb and Dave
Loveholidays  More Info One Step 4Ward Johnny Otts World Sherry
The Road Forks Akila and Patrick Everything Everywhere Gary Nomadic Samuel Samual
Fluent in 3 months Benny Lewis Fox Nomad Anil Polat Wandering Trader Marcello
Travel Dudes Velvet Escape Keith Jenkins I Should Log Off Jillian and Danny
Go See Write Michael Hudson China Travel Go Brandon One Giant Step Gillian and Jason
The Longest Way Home Go Backpacking Dave Wandering Earl Earl
Wild Junket Nelli and Alberto Almost Fearless Christine and Drew Never Ending Voyage Simon and Erin
Off Track Planet 501 Places Andy Wanderlust and Lipstick
Solo Travel Blog Janice My Itchy Travel Feet Dona and Alan Amateur Traveler Podcasts
Hole in the Donut Barbara Landlopers Matt Art of Backpacking
Carol Around the World Carol As We Travel Nathan and Sofia Peter Greenberg Peter
Nomadic Notes James Clark 2 Backpackers Jason and Aracely Europe Up Close Terri and Mike
Sharing Travel Experiences Andy My Several World Carrie Migrationology Mark
My Melange Go Green Travel Elizabeth and Kim Pause The Moment Ryan
Inside the Travel Lab Abby Upgrade Travel Better Mark The Jet Packers Jackie and Bret
Travelogue Craig Trans Americas Karen and Eric Heather on Her Travels Heather
Solo Friendly Gray Travel Wonders Twenty Something Travel Stephanie
Irish Fire Side Happy Time Blog Aaron Travels of Adam Adam
Traveling Canucks Cameron and Nicole Expert Vagabond Matt Two RTW Kathryn and Daniel
Kaleidoscopic Wandering Joanna and Corry A Little Adrift Shannon Where is Jenny Jenny
Life After Cubes Jason and Sharon Tourist 2 Townie Gareth Travel YourSelf Caitlin
Beer and Beans Randy and Beth Dangerous Business Amanda Global Grass Hopper  Becky and Graham
Maiden Voyage Travel Emily Backpacker Becki Becki Jdombs Travels Jennifer and Tim
Hecktic Travels Darlene and Peter Never Ending Footsteps Lauren Breakaway Backpacker Jamie
Adventurous Kate Kate Ordinary Traveler Christy and Scott Aussie on the Road Chris
Bitten By The Travel Bug Nicole Living the Dream RTW Jeremy and Angie What’s Dave Doing Dave
Flash Packer Family Taveling Family tipsforbabytravel Cameron and Nicole CoupleTravelTips Jason and Aracely
Lee Abbamonte Lee Gap Year Escape Gap Year Escape Travel Advice Europe Travel Advice Europe
Food and Travel Food and Travel Health and Travel Health and Travel Strange Lands Strange Lands
Travel And Tourism Guide Amanda Find The Company Paul Backpacks and Bunk Beds Neil Barnes
Our First World Trip Sal and Gisela Tipsy Nomad Brenden World Travel Family Alyson
Travelling Blogger Kar Cheung Bucket List Journey Annette theconstantrambler Kenin & Lauren
Cancun Steve Steve Chloe’s Travels Chloe Don’t Stop Living Johnny
Travelbllger Jennifer and Ben TravelMaestro John-James CMB Chris
MyTravelAffairs Marysia PlacesForTour Mike SuitqaisDiaries Adrian
BeingInAwe Gadi and Tun Don’t Stop Living Jonny ShaluSharma Shalu Sharma
Be My Travel Muse Kristin The Bohemian Blog Darmon PauTravels Paul
The Travel Republic Sammie RTW Gap Year Sammie


Travel Forums

Thorn Tree Lonely Planet
TravelFish Backpacking Guide for SE Asia
Boots n All
Matador Network
Reddit Travel
Kombu sell travel photos here
Before you Backpack pays $5 per asia guest house reviews, can add other articles too
Quora  a social media network for getting and receiving answers
Sound Cloud website for sharing sounds
Unanchor get paid for writing travel guides/itineraries
iStock Photo sell travel photos here
Yeity Free Country Level Travel Guides


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