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Dave and Vicky are a traveling couple that decided to take off in September 2012 to travel the world, or at least, as much as they can see in two years!

Dave is the tech-guy. He handles the website, so when you log on and it’s under construction or missing, you know who to blame. When he’s not doing that, he’s making the videos for our trip.

Vicky is our talented planner, she has mapped out the entire route, and does the photography. Oh, and did I mention she cooks?

Together they are acoupletravelers, bringing you up to date travel resources and stories to keep it fresh for you.

If you’d like to learn more about how we met and who we are, be sure to check out our about us page!

We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent with our budget, including an overall plan as well as monthly updates that break our costs down into the categories you care about:

Overall Budget

Monthly Pre-Trip Budget Updates

What’s a trip without a plan? We keep track of where we stand monthly.

Monthly Pre-Trip Updates

In case you’re interested in a specific country and/or continent, you can access it directly and see all posts related to it. Note that we have not been to all of these…yet

Media is an important aspect of our trip and we pride ourselves on correcting relaying our experience to you through photos and videos. While we are far from professionals, we’re getting better everyday.

Here are a few examples from our photo of the week:

National Cathedral Washington DC

We’d love it if you contacted us (always nice to hear from people when you’re on the road).

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[email protected]
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