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Volunteer in Nepal


Why not volunteer your time in the most breathtaking country located among the highest mountain peaks on the planet? It’s now your chance to journey the stunning land of the Himalayas to utilize volunteer and intern opportunities in a developing world.

You may just have the necessary skills to help progress this world to a better tomorrow. Visit Nepal!

If you are travelling from the UK don’t leave home without first taking the time to plan ahead!

In Nepal one of the predominant practices of Hindu puts foreign visitors at ease. The ancient idea of Atithi Devo Bhavah or “guest is God”is still very much alive. You will be delighted at the humbling respect and kindness of the friendly Nepalese locals. Your assistance will not be forgotten by those who are in need. Tailor your own experience in Nepal with the skills you already possess, and choose from a variety of volunteer opportunities. Teaching, conservation, medicine and healthcare are just some of the popular programs out there. Nepal is one of the poorest nations in the world and because of this, your volunteer services will touch the lives of many. Let this experience open your eyes to the value of everyday good deeds.

Many volunteers are placed in the country’s capital of Kathmandu. The bustling crowds, seasonal festivals and streets of ox-wagon and auto-rickshaws paint a beautiful picture of the traditional life that thrives into the modern world. Here you work with orphanages, hospitals and schools to improve everyday life for both adults and children. This experience is about meeting and working with volunteers in order to share your exciting experience with others. On these programs, you are able to live with the Nepalese locals in a host family. By sharing your room with other volunteers, you share this unforgettable experience and the memories to follow. But most of all, volunteering in Nepal is about cultural exchange and understanding others along the journey. Much is to be learned in the ancient mountains of Nepal.

At the company Volunteer Nepal placements can range across the map from location in the mountains to hidden areas surrounded by the jungle. With this program you can work to improve community health and environmental awareness, and help with village planting and harvesting. Volunteer Nepal offers a unique program to record the local histories of the local Nepalese. Travel to villages with a bilingual Nepalese person, hear the songs and storytelling of villagers come to life! This program is one I highly recommend for the creative mind or those who enjoy writing as much as I do.


While enjoying the gifts of cultural exchange don’t forget to take a trip to explore the world’s tallest mountains. Nepal is one of the most bio-diverse countries on Earth with a range of mountains, deserts, green paddy fields, jungles with exotic wildlife. Stick to the trail or you may find yourself face to face with a hippo, elephant or even a tiger. You won’t want to miss the chance to catch a glimpse of snowcapped mountains or explore the mysterious temples across the land. Last but not least, head for the Himalayas and hike the foothills of Mount Everest in this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the tallest mountain on Earth! For an equally exciting jungle experience, head to Chitwan National Park to trek the jungles of Nepal. Before you leave don’t forget to plan for monsoon season between June and September. Always check the travel conditions during monsoon season and be ready to expect wind, rain and the occasional avalanche that disrupts the bus schedule.

The tallest mountains and tantalizing jungles are waiting for you in Nepal!

Molly Austin is a blogger outreach assistant and writer for an English travel company.

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