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Top-rated tourist attractions in Nottingham

The capital of Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, is proudly built on dozens of hills north of the River Trent. This strategic location turned it into a trading hub and centre of goods produced in the old days, which continues to this day. Mainly, Nottingham is famous for the production of quality lace, which is exported to dozens of foreign countries. However, apart from its increased product development, it has also become a popular cultural destination, offering its visitors a huge range of theatres, galleries and attractions with a considerable history of years. Speaking of cultural events, we could not fail to mention the famous Nottingham Goose Fair, which attracts around 400,000 visitors a year.

Huge and vast roads, picturesque, and green parks are some of the so-called “Queen of the Midlands” elements. Be sure to visit Sherwood Forest, where you will find the popular hero Robin Hood’s residence. Aspects of this famous folk hero can be found throughout the whole city, as he was a personality who significantly marked this area during his lifetime. But let’s take a closer look on what makes this city so great, shall we?

Old Market Square

Visiting the old and historic city centre of Nottingham, you will find many important historical sites. You will walk to Old Market Square, where you will find yourself in front of the Nottingham Tourist Center and the Council building’s imposing dome. From there you can head to the Nottingham Playhouse to see the magical reflection of the sky through the astonishing Sky Mirror.

The Lace Market

Immediately after the Old Market Square and a short distance from it, you will meet the famous Lace Market. The days when this particular lace market was a staple across Britain are a thing of the past, but the area continues to be one of the city’s essential areas. With a vast legacy of years and a variety of renovations, it houses within its red bricks dozens of stores for all your purchases’ needs. Of course, because your visit will not only focus on shopping, do not miss visiting the National Museum of Justice, where you will get to see many exhibits from the rich past of the building, which served as the city court site.

Nottingham Castle

It’s time to visit one of the most historical attractions in the whole city, Nottingham Castle. A castle full of Robin Hood’s bronze statues (who else) and his companions adds a “heroic” character to space. Although severely damaged in 1651 by the various parliamentary forces of the time, it was restored as an Italian-style palace. In this palace today, one can find the Foresters Regimental Museum and the Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery, two fascinating places to discover the rich local history’s old aspects.

Robin Hood Way and Sherwood Forest

And as you can see in a city where Robin Hood lived his glorious days, we could not fail to mention the vast expanse of the area dedicated to him, which starts at Nottingham Castle and reaches Sherwood Forest, a total distance of 104 miles. If you plan to cover all this distance (we recommend it), this is achievable by using a car. 

Using a car and the area’s exemplary road network, you can explore this whole landmark area associated with the popular hero Robin Hood. If you do not own a vehicle, you can turn to the solution of a rental car. Check out Enjoy Travel for a vast range of rental vehicles at the most affordable deals, so you can comfortably navigate not only the immense woods of Sherwood Forest but also the areas within Nottingham City, effectively solving the problem of your transportation.

In closing, try to visit the area during the summer season, where the Robin Hood Festival is held, which lasts a whole week of celebrations! From hundreds of cultural events and activities to medieval performances, this festival will take you back in time to the myths of knighthood. This is a truly memorable experience for all visitors. 

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