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Tips for travelling (safely) as a couple 

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For many couples, travelling the world together is the ultimate experience. It’s a chance to enjoy once in a lifetime experiences with each other, spend quality time in each other’s company and build on the strength of your relationship.

Of course whilst you’re travelling it’s important not to get too carried away by all the adventure and excitement. It’s worth remembering that you’re probably thousands of miles away from home, in an unfamiliar location and more vulnerable than you would be normally. Therefore, keeping your wits about you and your eyes open is crucial. Travelling with a friend or a loved one will put you at an advantage, you can look out for each other, and ensure that you’re making safe decisions together. If you or your travelling companion find yourselves injured and it was due to the negligence of someone else, reach out to a Newark personal injury lawyer

So, with this in mind, we’ve gathered some simple tips for travelling safely as a couple.

Always do plenty of research

Some places in the world are safer than others, especially where tourists are concerned. However, all cities and worldwide destinations deal with a certain level of crime. Whether you’re exploring a sprawling metropolis like New York or you’re enjoying a slower pace of life at a riverside village in Thailand, as a visitor you need to conduct plenty of research into your destination. Are there any areas that tourists should avoid? What scams are prevalent in the area? And what is the crime rate like?


Whether you’re choosing to stay in a hostel or in a hotel, you and your partner must be aware of some simple safety tips to keep each other and your belongings safe. Check that all doors and windows (even your balcony doors) lock correctly. Consider bringing along a door wedge to place under the door for added security. Never open the door to anyone you don’t know (including hotel staff), call down to reception to authenticate who they are.

On the road

If you’re driving to your destination, hiring a car, moped or bicycle, make sure you’re aware of road laws, the side of the road you’re supposed to be on and that you know how to operate your chosen method of transport. If appropriate, always wear a helmet and always wear a seatbelt. Even the locals don’t. 

And finally…nightlife

Enjoying a few cocktails and soaking up the local nightlife is part of the travelling experience. However, you should be sensible. Ensure you’re both looking out for each other and try not to become separated. Make sure you have a plan to meet at a certain place or part of the bar/club if you do become separated. And always watch each others’ drinks! 


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