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Things to Do Around Kemer, Turkey


A gorgeous 40 km drive south of Antalya filled with mountain scenery, Kemer is a little gem in the region boasting a thriving tourism scene with beautiful resorts and a charming marina. Kemer has a quaint Mediterranean village feel to it with 2 and 3-storey houses amongst the orange groves all tucked into the Toros Mountains’ pines. This cute little village is the perfect place to spend a summer holiday and there is plenty to do in and around Kemer.

Below is a list of the highlights of Kemer region, but check out Kemer Turkey Information for more things to do in and around the Antalya region.


An ancient Greek and Roman city, the harbor city of Phaselis was key to trade between Greece, Egypt and the rest of Asia. Today, there are three harbors, the “Northern,” the “Battle,” and the “Protected” Harbor. An ancient street paves the way through the center of the city and you can really get a feel for how life was in this 2nd century BC town as you get up close to the ruins of shops, agoras, hamam and a well-preserved ampitheater. Make sure to bring your swim suit as this area contains one of the best beaches around.


Sitting 25 meters above sea level, Beldibi Cave is an archaeological site open year round for the public. Flint stone tools dating back to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic ages have been found at dig sites in the Beldibi cave. There are also paintings of hunting scenes with humans, goats and deer on the walls of the cave. Located about 19km away, this is very worthy of a day trek from Kemer.


A beautiful canyon with fresh water pools perfect for a nice, cool dip on a hot day of trekking. Go on a canyoning safari or try ziplining through the stunning woodlands. Make sure to hire a guide to take you down the gorge to the waterfall as it’s a little tricky on the way down. Or just spend a lovely day hiking around and relaxing in the pools. It’s an ideal place for getting out and enjoying the beauty of nature.


The Kemer region is a perfect starting point for a Family Blue Cruise Turkey. Spend eight days, seven nights cruising from Kemer to Kekova and back in a traditional Turkish gulet. You will have the opportunity to take in a wide variety of the historical sites, adventure experiences, and just relax in the sun. This is like an all-in-one package because you will easily be able to experience all of the great things from this region in one fell swoop.



This is one of the best areas in the region for divers. There are four small islands:Martı, Mağara, Piknik and Küçük Ada. The untouched natural beauty of this area has divers flocking here to discover the treasures of the sea. In the canyon a wide variety of fish and stingrays can be seen, and there are subterranean caves to be explored. It is also possible to stumble upon the endangered monk seals that are currently under protection.


Spanning a territory of 40,000 square meters, The Ecological Nature Park is home to an extensive variety of plant and animal life, many of which are under danger of extinction. This is a great day trip for families with kids as they have an excellent collection of reptiles and amphibians, including many of the exotic variety. There are also more than 300 thousand varieties of plants, and many brought from tropical and subtropical areas.

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