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A Scout’s Travel Preparations

Girl scouts and boy scouts are always prepared; whether it be tying knots or just your regular basic survival tactics. When it comes to travelling, it’ll help a lot if you turn your boy/girl scout mode on and be prepared with all your travelling needs. Before you book that plane ticket or pay for your hotel accommodations, here are some essential travel planning that you need to figure out.

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First Aid Kit

Often times, people throw caution in the wind and take for granted their essential first aid kit supplies. Your first aid kit need not take up too much space on your baggage; just bring some aspirins, alcohol, gauze, and basic ointments. Actually, the content of your first aid kit will depend on what kind of traveler you are. If you’re a hiker or a mountaineer, then your first aid kit should have the appropriate and necessary supplies for mountaineers like basic wound supplies and even water purifier tablets.

If you’re constantly wearing lenses, stock a pair in your kit. If you lose your lenses/tear your last lens while on an adventure away from a computer, you can reorder with the new 1-800CONTACTS smartphone app (assuming there is 3G connection is uninterrupted); however, for your convenience, always stock in a pair.

Travel Documents Safekeeping

If you think that by just putting your travel documents in the innermost part of your baggage can make them safe, you’re only 80% right. Does that comfort you? Most travelers have advised that you should always bring your travel documents with you at all times. Never leave them in your hotel rooms. Even if hotel rooms are safe, people tend to misplace them. Hence, it always pays to bring them with you.

Get Vaccinated

Your health while you travel is very important. Just because you don’t feel anything before you left for your holiday destination doesn’t mean that you won’t get sick while you’re in your holiday. If you’re travelling into a foreign country, it’s still best to get vaccinated because your body may not adapt well in the total overall climate in that place. To ensure that you won’t get sick, it’s important to get vaccinated.

Earmark Your Travel Budget

Bringing foreign currency into a country can be a bit of a drag because you have to declare the amount of foreign currency you bring in when you enter a particular foreign territory. So instead of having to bring the physical bills, why not consider using credit card? This way, you divest yourself of the hassle of having to declare your foreign currencies in the airport. Another plus factor in using your credit card instead of cash are the points that you earn.

Consider Getting a Travel Insurance

If you’re constantly travelling, consider getting a travel insurance that can answer for your trip cancellations or even emergency expenses.

End Note

These are some of the things you need to prep before embarking on a holiday. You should remember that your priority is not to enjoy and get the most out of your money; but it should be your safety and preparedness to respond in all kinds of emergency situations.

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