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Monthly Budget Update – June


Time for the second month update of our savings. You may have noticed that we kind of skipped a month. This was purposeful. I wanted to get on a logical cadence of updating at the beginning of every month to keep it consistent. So, as compare to the May update another 1.5 months have actually passed.

Right now we have about $49K with 2 months to go!

Travel Budget Goal Tracker

For sure we are NOT going to reach $65k by the time we leave. Particularly because we’re going to start buying some stuff for the trip now, so we’re eating into the savings, but that’s what it was for anyways.

We’re also working on monetizing Vicky’s food blog, which gets a healthy number of viewers (she averages around 800 views per day). I will be updating the monthly earnings on THAT site, if you’re interested.

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