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Lub d Hostel Review

Lub D Silom

Before we even got to Bangkok I had read tales of the famous Lub d hostel. Fellow travel bloggers raved about it either through social media or direct posts and I knew we had to stay there and see if it really lived up to the hype. It is without a doubt one of the most famous hostels in Bangkok and possibly Asia.

Since there are two locations in Bangkok, what better way to get a feel for different neighborhoods than by staying at both? So that’s exactly what we did. Two nights at Lub d Bangkok – Silom and two nights at Lub d Bangkok – Siam Square, right at the end of our Asia tour for one last hoorah. Since we had already been to Bangkok in January we weren’t interested in sightseeing excursions at the moment. We needed to get some work done, finish up our Europe planning, oh, and RELAX. No running around from temple to museum – Dave was off the hook for the next four days.

Over the months Dave and I have noticed that it’s just so difficult to really get it all – strong A/C, fast wifi, comfortable atmosphere, location with easy access to food and transport, and most importantly a good night’s sleep.

Two Nights At Lub d Bangkok – Silom

hanging out

As we set foot into the Lub d Bangkok – Silom lobby we were instantly surprised by how cool it was, both temperature and atmosphere wise. The air con here was on full blast, which was a welcome respite from the mid May Bangkok heat. So many hostels we have stayed at do not have air conditioning in the lobby, and instead only offer fans, making the hostel’s ‘social’ hangout somewhat uncomfortable during these hot days. You can imagine in these places there aren’t too many backpackers socializing in the common area.


We were greeted by a super friendly member of the staff at the reception desk, who checked us into our econo double bunk bed room with shared bathroom and even sprinted up the stairs to let me know that the girl’s bathroom was being renovated so I should use the one on the lower floor.

Econo Double_

As for the room – simple and modern furnishings. Bright colors, sharp edges, clean, organized, it works. Same design and style for the other areas of the hostel. There floors are organized by room type so our floor was all doubles with a separate men’s/women’s bathroom. The bathroom was always clean with soap, shampoo, toilet paper, and even a hairdryer (which I haven’t seen in months).


One particular reason for excitement was the laundry room. At Lub d Bangkok – Silom you can actually do your own laundry, unlike so many other Asia hostels where there is a laundry service but no self service areas. I hate having to pay for other people to do my own laundry and really prefer to just load it into a washer and dryer myself. For $2.30 (65 cents for washing, $1.30 for drying and 35 cents for detergent) I was able to wash everything we owned, exactly when I wanted, on my own floor. It definitely beats having to pay $1-2 per kilogram and waiting over 24 hours to get my clothes back from who knows where.

For people looking to socialize there was a large downstairs area with all sorts of games, computers, chairs, a cafe, an outdoor seating area and there always seemed to be people buzzing about and making friends. There’s even a separate theater room with a flat screen TV and large supply of dvds to watch on comfy bean bag chairs  With notices on the walls advertising activities of the day (free snack night, pub crawls, city tours, etc) you can always find something to join. Conveniently there are maps on the walls and free hand sized maps of the city and area so you can easily figure out how to get around the city and find some good eats.

outdoor area

Overall we just loved the vibe at Lub d Bangkok – Silom, and really, so much of a hostel is the vibe. The hostel is set up to be friendly and to encourage people to hang out in the common spaces and make them feel welcome. The area around the hostel is fairly calm and not too noisy, but you are still in the heart of the city and just a sky train or cab ride away from the most famous attractions and areas. We loved our stay at Lub d Bangkok – Silom and after two days were headed over to Lub d Bangkok – Siam Square.

Two Nights At Lub d Bangkok – Siam Square

The first thing to notice with Lub d Siam, is the bustling neighborhood. You are in the shopping center of Bangkok. The hostel itself is on a main road, right across the street from the National Stadium Skytrain station and is within minutes of several of the cities greatest and most impressive malls.

double room

As we arrived we were greeting by smiling receptionists who quickly sorted out our reservations and we were off to our rooms. This time we had a econo double with a queen size bed and shared bathroom. Though the style at Lub d Bangkok – Siam Square is a bit different, there is still the sleek, modern simple theme throughout. Almost industrial, but with a certain charm. Hard to put into exact words. The Lub d Bangkok – Siam Square location contains similar facilities to the Silom location with a common area with computers, a theatre room, laundry, activities, boards etc.

city stroll poster



Overall we enjoyed our stay at both locations and would recommend staying here without hesitation. Not all hostels are created equally and Lub d does it differently. We really appreciated the thoughtfulness in how the hostel is run, especially after traveling for 8 months through Asia, it is simply a relief to find a chain of hostels that just seems to get it. Backpackers and budget travelers are not always asking for much, yet we have found so many place that simply do not deliver or understand what running a good hostel is all about. Moreover, Bangkok is a major backpacker destination but hostel tend to run at a premium here – often over $30 for private rooms, so if you’re going to get one you want it done right.

If you want to see more of Lub d, please check out their stellar TripAdvisor reviews, strong social media presence and engaging youtube videos. This is a chain that other hostels could learn a thing or two from.

Location preferences


In terms of locations we preferred Lub d Bangkok – Silom, mainly for the more relaxed and laid back atmosphere. This is a matter of personal preference though. If you want to be right where the action is, in a busier area, head to Lub d Bangkok – Siam Square. Neither location will disappoint.


When we stayed in mid May at Lub d Bangkok – Silom a double room with shared bathroom was 1000 THB (for 2 people) and at Lub d Bangkok – Siam Square a double room with shared bathroom was 1400 THB (for 2 people). Dorms and ensuite privates are available as well.

Last little fun fact – Lub d means Sleep Well in Thai, and sleep well you will on the comfortable beds and plush pillows.

DISCLAIMER: We received a complimentary stay in exchange for our review but as always all opinions expressed here are our own 

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