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The London Walking App that Helps You Discover More

Tower Bridge

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a resident or a visitor, you can discover more of London at your own pace with TrailTale, the new London walking app. If you want to explore London on foot whilst learning fascinating facts and trivia – and all for free – TrailTale is the ideal guided walking app for you. 

There’s something for everyone – the whole family can enjoy exploring the city with bonus stops at filming locations for well-known movies including Harry Potter and Bridget Jones.

Fantastic features of this walking trail app

The London trails on TrailTale are developed with local London experts for insight that can’t be beaten. Every guided walk on this walking trail app is complete with a host of great features to enhance your experience:

• Offline walking routes that you can pause at any time
• Precise directions turn-by-turn so you’ll never get lost
• Locations to excite the whole family
• Fun facts, photos, maps, and images for every route
• Audio guides included with many trails

Areas to explore

Whether you want to explore your local area in more depth or learn about a part of London you’ve never ventured to, TrailTale has a guided walk to suit you. Boasting 20 different London-based walks with a variety of exciting themes, you can discover interesting facts and significant sites throughout the city. Just some of the areas of London you can explore with TrailTale include:

• Greenwich – packed with maritime history
• Mayfair – a sophisticated area full of heritage
• Soho – the home of clubs and rock n roll
• Hampstead – North London’s cosy village

Whether you’re intrigued by Jack the Ripper’s old haunts, Shakespearean history, the story of immigration in London, or the legal side of the city, Trailtale will help the whole family to discover new places, learn new facts, and uncover hidden sides of London you never knew existed.

Featured trails

The 20 different London walking tours on TrailTale cover a variety of different themes and a number of different sights. There’s a fascinating guided walk to stimulate every interest, from law and politics to art and literature.

• Explore Banksy’s art in Lambeth or the historical art scene in Chelsea
• Discover forgotten palaces full of history
• Learn about London’s legal sites both past and present
• Get to the heart of politics in Westminster

Get even more out of TrailTale’s guided walking app

The TrailTale app offers you even more than 20 guided walks throughout London. The app also gives you access to fascinating tours of a huge range of towns and cities throughout the UK, including:

• Canterbury
• Stratford-upon-Avon
• Newcastle
• Oxford
• Glastonbury
• Edinburgh
• Bristol

If you’re ready to discover London in a unique and self-guided way, download TrailTale – the free London walking app for Android and iOS.

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