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How to Spend 2 Weeks in Nepal

Nepal is an absolutely gorgeous country with no shortage of amazing things to do. Dave and I spent a full month in Nepal but you can definitely get away with a two week trip and still see a couple cities and get a full trek in, so book your trip now for Nepal!

You’ll most likely be flying into Kathmandu, as this is where the major international airport is and you’ll want to spend a couple days here getting acquainted. The city just can be busy and stressful at times to walk through. With no sidewalks you are constantly dodges bikes, motorbikes, taxis, it doesn’t exactly make for a peaceful stroll, but you can feel the energy in the air. It’s fascinating to just stroll around and take in the various sites, smells, tastes, etc. Take a cooking class for a great intro into the world of Nepalese cuisine. You can also take a market tour, walk to Durbar Square and visit the Garden of Dreams, visit the many temples in the city, or take a day tour to one of the Ancient cities in the area.

You can’t visit Nepal without taking one of the many amazing treks in the country. These are teahouse treks meaning you stay in villages overnight in small guesthouses. You will need to sleep in tents though you will still need to bring a sleeping bag with you for staying in the guesthouses. For the various treks you can hire a guide, a porter to carry your backpack or both. Or you can easily follow along the path on your own, carrying your own bags and making your way along the trails. Most of the trails will have plenty of others following along so technically a guide is not necessary, or if you hire a porter, they will lead the way.

The two main treks in Nepal that we considered were the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek and the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek. We attempted the Everest Base Camp Trek, only to have to turn back when Dave got altitude sickness at 3800 meters. It was incredibly disappointing but we knew we could not leave Nepal without completing a multi day trek so we signed up for the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, which starts at a lower altitude and therefore carries a lower risk of altitude sickness.

We were able to complete the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek in 9 days and it was absolutely stunning. The villages you pass through are gorgeous and since you are starting at a lower altitude there is more diverse scenery than on the Everest Base Camp Trek which is more alpine from the start and to the end. This trek starts a short bus ride from Pokhara and takes you up to Annapurna Base Camp at 4130 meters. The trekking days would always start early in the morning when the visibility is the best, and you’ll be hiking for a maximum of 6 hours, with a stop for lunch before getting to the guesthouse where you’ll spend the night.  It is important to pace yourself and not go too far in one day to prevent altitude sickness. Overall there’s no rush and you should take your time on the trek taking in the gorgeous nature on every step and the charming teahouse villages.

Once the trek is over you can spend a couple last final days in Pokhara exploring this smaller city.

Overall with 2 weeks in Nepal you have time to explore Kathmandu for 2-3 days, go on a 9 day Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, and then have 2 more days to spend in Pohkara before heading home.

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