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Essentials to Pack When Travelling to Thailand


Photo taken by Vicky Berman

If you have decided that your next holiday will be spent in Thailand, you certainly won’t be disappointed, something that millions of tourists would confirm. In order to ensure that you are well-prepared, here is a list of essential items to include in your luggage when flying to the exotic destination of Thailand.

  • A Thai Phrase Book – While English is spoken in tourist areas, if you go off the beaten track, you will be lucky to find anyone who can understand English, so buy a small phrase book that will help you to communicate in an emergency. Of course, if you book your holiday with a tour operator, you can have a local guide with you at all times, which negates the need for the phrase book.
  • Skin Protection – The sun is very strong in Thailand, especially in coastal regions, and coming from a chilly climate puts you at risk of sunburn. You should apply sunblock before heading out each morning, and keep some with you, as it does get very hot in the summer. The majority of tourists take Thailand tours packages from USA providers, and they give all their clients a list of essential items that includes some form of skin protection.
  • Mosquito Repellent – There are millions, if not billions, of mosquitoes in this tropical paradise, and they do seem to prefer foreign blood. The locals put a smoking coil under the table, but in all honesty, you need better protection than that, as dengue fever is a real risk in all regions of Thailand. You can, of course, buy the local creams and sprays, which do work well, and you should cover yourself before the sun sets, as this is the worst time for mosquitoes.

photo taken by Vicky Berman

  • Medical InsuranceVisiting a tropical country has its risks, and getting sick in Thailand can be an expensive exercise. You should have some form of medical insurance that covers most things, and talking to your tour operator might give you a lead on an inexpensive policy that will cover the whole family.
  • Light Cotton Clothing – Forget any warm clothing, as even in the middle of winter, temperatures are around 20C. You should pack some light cotton trousers and a couple of long sleeve shirts, which can be worn in the evenings, and will offer some protection against the mosquitoes. In the event you are going to the mountainous north during the months of November to January, it can be very cold, so talk to your tour operator about suitable clothing.

Photo taken by Vicky Berman

  • Good Pair of Sunglasses – Obviously, Thailand is a very sunny climate, so you will want to take a good pair of polarised sunglasses, or you could buy some when you arrive. When you book with a tour operator, they will give you a list of things to include in your luggage, along with other useful information about this unique country.

At the time of writing this article, electronic cigarettes are illegal in Thailand, so if you vape, DO NOT bring your vaping device with you, as it could lead to jail. By booking with a reputable tour operator, you can be sure of getting the most out of your holiday in Thailand.

*featured image by Vicky Berman

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