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Denver – The Mile High City

Denver in the state of Colorado, USA is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The city displays vibrancy and offers several attractions to its visitors. The city of Denver has a rich cultural heritage and imbibes a good mix of colorful gardens, crystal clear lakes, abundant wildlife and recreational opportunities. The striking part about Denver is that it is quite environmentally conscious and also has nation’s first Green fleets which are another experience not to be missed in Denver. The Mile High City sits almost 5000 feet above sea level and imbibes everything a visitor/ traveler would aspire to find in a magnificent city.


Famous Attractions

Denver is famous as the fourth most walk-able downtown in the country with its numerous attractions, buzzing parks and mountain views. Here’s a list of Denver’s famous attractions which make this city a hotspot for tourists.

  1. 1.      Colorado State Capitol – A tour to this iconic building is a must once you’re in Colorado. The State Capitol building especially the dome, both are quite intriguing architectures. The tour includes witnessing the Three Mile High Markers, Women’s Gold Tapestry, Colorado General Assembly and the Rose Onyx wainscoting.
  1. 2.      Denver Art Museum – Another great piece of architecture, the museum engulfs two structures. One structure looks like a fortress resembling titanium crystal with peaks and shards. The museum contains more than 68,000 art exhibits and some of the world’s greatest collection of Native American Art. The most famous exhibit here is the exceptional old west classics namely Passport to Paris and Modern Masters.
  1. 3.      The Blue Bear (Colorado Convention Center) – The 40 feet tall Blue Bear which is displayed peering into the interior of the Convention Center is another iconic structures of the city. The convention center is a state of the art facility is a host to more than 250 events annually. So consider yourself lucky, if you get a chance to experience an event while you’re visiting Denver.
  1. 4.      Pedestrian Mall – The Pedestrian Mall includes almost 42 outdoor cafes, shopping and dining complex accompanied by 12 movie theatres and several shops and restaurants. The pedestrian mall is light with a million lights and horse carriages are floating around, making this mall a sight for the sore eyes.
  1. 5.      Denver Museum of Nature & Science – One of the most fascinating museums on earth and also the fourth largest museum in the country, Denver Museum of Nature & Science has been showcased in several movies. The museum is filled with space exhibits, science experiments, dinosaurs, mammoths, dioramas and much more. Moreover, the digital planetarium and IMAX theatre in the museum are host to several awe- inspiring shows and events.


Denver is a wonderful city and there are abundant things to do and witness here. Whilst planning a trip to this magnificent city, it is important that you book your accommodation in advance. Finding and booking Hotels online is quite easy these days with numerous website offering amazing packages. Moreover, you will also find packages which suit your needs and are friendly to your wallet. And if your trip goes so well that you end up moving there, well here’s a few reasons why everyone else is.

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