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Capture The Color

We were nominated by Traveling9to5 for the Capture the Color contest where you have 5 colors, red, green, yellow, white and blue and need to pick one photo to select each one. So here we have our selections.



Flower growing in my grandmother’s garden at her summer country house outside of Moscow, Russia

My grandmother’s passion outside of cooking was gardening. During the winter she lived in her central Moscow apartment, while the summers were reserved for the country house 60 km outside the city (which could take as long as 2 hrs to reach with Russian traffic). This house was not exactly comparable to the Hamptons summer mansions. Dirt roads, no running water, outhouses – the simple life is what it is. Right outside in her garden she grew fruits, vegetables, and flowers in abundance. With her passion and acquired garden skills everything she grew flourished and carried the love she put into it. So I decided to capture a photo of the flower swaying in the breeze. Can you believe it was even more stunning in real life?


Oia, Santorini, Greece

View of Oia in Santorini, Greece

Last year Dave and I headed to Greece for our first 8 day working world paid vacation. We started the trip off in Santorini where as everything says we were truly blown away by the white stone houses and blue doors and windows. This photo perfectly represents the white theme.


Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in Washington DC

Flower at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in Washington DC

A less known park in the DC area, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens is where I captured this green photo. Not exactly sure of the name of this life form – it was a fascinating plant that I need to learn more about.


Museum of Science Boston MA

Lightning Show at the Museum of Science in Boston, MA

If you’re going to Boston and are looking for a stimulating and educational museum, the Museum of Science is the way to go. With interactive exhibits, demonstrations and even hourly lightning shows there’s something for everyone.


Hirshorn Museum Washington DC

Exhibit at the Hirshorn Museum in Washington DC

With a plethora of museums in DC the modern art museum is not hard to find. You can freely enter the Hirshorn Museum and check out the various and constantly changing strange and interesting exhibits. This exhibit was housed in a room of it’s own.

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