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Canada: What to do East and West


The USA is one of the most popular countries for tourism, but what about northern neighbour Canada? In many ways, the two nations are similar – they share a language, have similar cultures and an abundance of beautiful spots and vibrant cities. However, Canada is often ignored as a holiday destination, which is puzzling to say the least.

Atlantic adventure

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East and West Canada are both great for exploring but for very different reasons. The east coast, which lies on the western side of the Atlantic Ocean, is home to most of Canada’s big cities and islands including the state of Newfoundland. It’s also home to some of the country’s most significant historical sites.

The state of Ontario, for example, plays host to heritage fairs every spring, where re-enactments and readings from great literary works take place. They’re great events to take the family to, especially if the kids are studying history or English at school.

Every July 1st, the entire nation celebrates Canada Day. The festivities in Toronto and capital Ottawa in particular have to be seen to be believed, so be prepared to bring your cameras!

Mountains and mystery

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The western side of Canada offers completely different thrills – those who like a little adventure won’t be disappointed. The Rocky Mountains are British Columbia’s most notable landmark, and have challenged hikers and explorers for centuries, but there’s more to the west coast than that.

The Whistler Mountaineer train goes through British Columbia and Alberta, taking in most of the Rockies as well as some of the west’s biggest cities. Accommodation in this part of the world is good too – here is some information on what’s going on in the Whistler area written by Inghams.

Although it might seem hidden away, the western provinces are pretty popular with tourists who want to enjoy peace and quiet as well as adventure. Going on lakes and mountain trips in this part of the country should be a lot of fun.

Vancouver is the West Coast’s principal city, and offers a whole world of activities and sights. The colourful SoMA district and the West End, home to its LGBT community, are two of the friendliest places to visit when in Vancouver.

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