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Affordable Tips to Traveling in Canada

Canada is a great treat for anyone who enjoys traveling. It is filled with natural beauty that is represented by immaculate beaches, pristine snowy mountains, and outstanding historical monuments. No wonder a majority of us have this country up high on our bucket lists! 

However, the costs that are associated with treating ourselves to this magnificent country often deter us from going. But wait! There is a silver lining to it all. 

According to, you can travel to the country on a budget. Still doubtful? Don’t be! Here are affordable tips to traveling in Canada:

  • Book your flight tickets in advance

Your flight tickets are an important piece of the puzzle. They are what will get you to Canada. Flight tickets are more affordable in May, June, and September as the weather in the country is warm and there are only a few visitors during these periods. 

You can count on significant cost savings when you choose to travel during these months. Once you book your flight ahead of time, you can move on to other formalities such as the processing of your visa which takes 15 days to arrive.

  • Opt for a train along the coast and across the country

As Canada boasts an expansive train network, you can choose this as your commuter mode of transport. 

This way, getting from one place to another will be highly affordable. As there are a variety of travel packages on offer, you can select the one that fits your budget. Choose home sharing

  • Choose home sharing

Once you sort out the commuter part of your trip, next comes the accommodation. Should you stay in a regular hotel room, prepare to hike your expenses. 

If you are looking to enjoy Canada affordably, then home-sharing facilities are essential. They are mostly available in cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa. Needless to say, shared homes can save on daily room rent.

  • Eat smart

You cannot make the most out of your Canadian trip without enjoying the assortment of foods, most especially Poutine. Instead of fine dining cuisine options that will cost a fortune, look to food vendors and local supermarkets that will still give you the same tasty experience.

The trick to choosing food vendors in the country is to spot those that have the longest queues in front of them. This way, you will know that their dishes are popular and authentic

  • Look for discount offers

Yes, you read that right! There are plenty of Canadian websites that offer discount coupons for famous resorts, restaurants, music concerts, and theatres. 

Keep an eye out for these deals and grab the coupons online, before you set out for your trip.

Travel On a Budget

One thing is for sure; backpacking in Canada is a wonderful experience. It is even more rewarding when you explore the country and still leave money in your pocket. 

Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance as it will protect you against injury, loss, cancellations, and anything else that may go wrong during your trip.

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