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5 Things to do in Lake Tahoe When You’re Not Skiing

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Lake Tahoe is one of the top destinations for a ski trip year after year. With over 18 world-class ski resorts, you’re in for a great ride both on and off the slopes on this getaway. Of course check out all the awesome trails at one of the top ski resorts, like Northstar California, Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows or Heavenly Mountain, but don’t call it a day when you put up your skis for the night. There are tons of things to do in Lake Tahoe this winter other than skiing!

Play A Hand at the Casino

Lake Tahoe calls both California and Nevada home, and while this area isn’t trying to compete with the Vegas gambling scene or anything, there’s still plenty of poker, blackjack and slot machines at the casinos in Lake Tahoe to provide hours of entertainment and plenty of chances to win big. There are casinos in many of the hotels in Lake Tahoe, many of which are just minutes from the ski resorts, so if you plan on spending a lot of time in them, you might as well book a room for your trip. On top of all the games, these casinos provide endless entertainment with concerts, shows, nightlife, shopping and food. Hit the buffet, the boutiques or the dance for an unforgettable night in Tahoe.

Go Out for a Drink 

Whether you’re at the casinos, the ski resorts or one of the bars around town, the fun doesn’t stop when you’re off the slopes. Don’t drink too much when you have an active schedule on the books for tomorrow, or at least make sure you’re hydrated before heading out, but don’t stay in every night of your vacation while you’re here either! There’s a great nightlife scene around here, so put on something nice, grab a drink and get your groove on!

Wine and Dine 

Lake Tahoe is just a few short hours from Napa Valley, one of the wine capitals of the world, so there are plenty of places to enjoy a fine glass of wine and a nice meal. There are vineyards in these parts, so try some of the local wines, a Napa Valley delicacy, or maybe a bottle of your favorite foreign red. The restaurants, wine bars and wineries around here have a great selection to please the connoisseurs as well as the college kids.

Relax and Rejuvenate 

After a long day or weekend on the slopes, recharge and get all the kinks out before heading back home. Because of all the skiing, water sports, hiking and mountain biking that goes on in Lake Tahoe throughout the year, the spas and massage therapists in the area are top notch. Whether you need to focus on an injury or soreness you got on this trip, or just want a few hours of serenity before heading back to the real world, you’ll fully enjoy a trip to one of the spas in Lake Tahoe while you’re here.


Say ‘I Do’ 

If things start to heat up between you and your loved one this winter, there’s no better place to tie the knot than in Lake Tahoe. Many people plan destination weddings here in the spring, summer and fall because the views are phenomenal and the venues provide everything you could possibly want for your special day, from gourmet chefs and fantastic photographers, to the perfect setting. But don’t rule out a winter weddings in Lake Tahoe. Picture the beautiful photographs your wedding album will contain with shots of your wedding party in the snow with the mountains in the background. Winter weddings are very romantic, especially those in Lake Tahoe!

There are so many great things to do in Lake Tahoe in the winter, whether you’re on a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a ski trip with friends. Don’t let skiing be all that goes on during your trip though, enjoy everything that Lake Tahoe has to offer!

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