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5 Reasons to go on an American Road Trip This Year

road trip

Have you ever been on a proper road trip vacation? If not, you should. Generally, the only thing that defines a road trip is a long-distance journey on the road. And, you’re traveling for the journey, not the destination. You’ll probably make plenty of stops and see a bunch of new places. So, here are 5 reasons to go on a road trip this year. 


OK, we can’t ignore it. Covid-19 has created lots of restrictions to travel this year. This means that you might not feel comfortable getting on a plane or be able to at all. However, you can probably still do a road trip, provided you adhere to guidelines. You’ll be less likely to spread or encounter germs in the car compared to a plane or train. Just be aware of the other risks of driving, though – like car accidents. If you’re traveling in Illinois and get into an accident, check out this PI law firm with offices in Chicago. Always drive safely and adhere to all traffic laws. 


One of the great reasons to go on a road trip is the beautiful scenery that you’ll witness. Some of the best views in America can be best seen by car. Some of the best scenic drives include Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway and the Gold Coast. You might even see some exciting roadside sights and monuments, like the biggest bottle of ketchup in Texas. Make sure you plan your route beforehand to avoid getting lost or snarled in traffic.


Road trips provide a sense of adventure that you just wouldn’t experience on a plane. You feel like you’re getting close to nature and it can bring out a primal instinct within you. Make the most of embracing the wilderness and stop off at a few campsites to really enjoy the adventurous experience. Don’t forget the s’mores!  


Road trips can be great family friendly vacations. They give you a chance to bond and connect as a family because you’re spending lots of time together. Try playing some classic games in the car such as I Spy or the License Plate Game. And don’t forget to whip up a great playlist before you hit the road. If singing as a family doesn’t bring you together, nothing will. 


If you can’t be convinced by the beautiful scenery and sense of adventure, you might fancy a road trip simply because it’s cheap. Unlike flights, which can be pricey, you can do a road trip easily on a budget. All you need to pay for is fuel, food and overnight stays. What are you waiting for?

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