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3 days in Malaga: Best things to do

Malaga is a beautiful coastal city located in the south of Spain. This stunning city receives the visit of over 13 million tourist every year, and there is no wonder why. From amazing beaches to breathtaking monuments or superior gourmet restaurants, Malaga has everything you could wish for in a holiday destination. If you are visiting Malaga during your next holidays, we have created a plan that will allow you to visit the city main spots during a 3 days route so you do not end up missing anything during your trip. 

Day 1: Welcome to Malaga!

Arriving to a new country is always a very exciting experience. So many places to discover and so many aspects of the country’s culture to enjoy. 

Malaga has its own international airport, so you do not have to worry about intercity travelling to arrive to your destination. Here, we recommend that you car hire Malaga, since it will allow you to get from the airport to your hotel and later on, to the different points from our route. Multiple car hire companies operate at Malaga international airport, but we had a very pleasant experience by renting with Espacar.

Once we arrive to our hotel and unpack our bags, it is finally time to begin our Malaga adventure. We will start our Malaga route by visiting some of the more emblematic spots in the city, which will allow us to gasp the beautiness of this city

Malaga’s Museum and the Zea-Salvatierra Palace

Malaga’s Museum is the perfect spot to begin our journey across the city. Visiting this museum is free and it will allow you to become familiar with the city and its history, so the rest of the monuments do not catch you by surprise. From here, we can head to the Zea-Salvatierra Palace. This stunning baroque building was built on the XVII century, and its gorgeous architectonic features will leave you breathless.

The Roman Theater and the Citadel

The Roman Theater is one of the key features of Malaga’s history. It was built back in the I century, and sometimes, you will be able to still enjoy performances on it. Next to it, you will be able to find Malaga’s Citadel. The Citadel was a muslim fortress and it features one of the best viewpoints of the whole city

We assume that you will be tired from all the travelling, so we have not pack day 1 a lot. We recommend that you enjoy the amazing restaurants Malaga has to offer, then head back to the hotel to relax and get ready for day 2.

Day 2: All the ins and outs of the city

After our visit to different monuments and museums during day 1, we now have an idea of the different cultures that made Malaga’s history so rich and especial. But our Malaga adventures have only begun, so we hope you are ready to keep exploring the key elements of this city!

Santa Ana Abbey and the Picasso Museum

Santa Ana Abbey is an architectonic masterpiece. Inside the abbey, you will be able to enjoy multiple art pieces and religious imagery. Next to it, we can find a museum dedicated to the prestigious painter Pablo Picasso, which is one of Malaga’s most famous citizens. Here we will find a wide catalogue of Picasso’s works. Nearby, we will also be able to visit the house where the painter was born. 

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Cathedral is located right in the city center. This building features many unique arquitectonic techniques from different time periods, from baroque to renaissance and gothic. This makes it a must visit for any history lover.

Day 3: it’s beach time!

A visit to Malaga would not be complete without visiting the city’s stunning beaches with their crystal clear waters. We recommend you use your third day on the city to relax and enjoy yourself swimming and sunbathing. Although all Malaga’s beaches are amazing, we especially recommend you check La Malagueta, which is probably the most stunning one in the city.

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