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Do Travelers Live Longer than Most?

March 16 Tour C

Is it a fact or is it fable? Do travelers live longer than most or could it be that they simply live better than most? Whether they travel around in camper rentals or fly on planes or travel by boat, are travelers luckier than the rest of us and does the fact they travel mean they live more years than the rest of us?

And the answer is…

Before we give away the answer, let’s explore the ways that travel benefits us which we hope will lead us to whether or not we will actually live longer if we travel.

Travel benefits us in these many different ways:

  • It makes you happier. Traveling, especially when it is for vacation, helps people to feel and be happier. Whether it is because they finally have some time to relax or because traveling is something that they highly enjoy, it can help people to smile much more than usual.
  • It can help you be healthier. When traveling to other countries, you may discover that the food and lifestyle in these countries is much healthier than where you live. As you spend a considerable amount of time there, you start eating like they do and since many times on vacation, you do activities you wouldn’t normally, you end up being much more active than normal. All these factors contribute to being healthier.
  • It can provide you with something to look forward to which is a motivational factor. Most people who travel for fun get excited about their future trip and this factor helps to contribute to them feeling motivated and inspired when they think about traveling.
  • It helps you exercise the brain. Being in new places and where you may not speak the language and don’t know the area. Many times, while traveling you have to stay alert to make sure that you are headed in the right direction or to avoid mishaps and all these factors contribute to an active and healthier mind.
  • It helps you to feel good. Whether you saved up to travel and you finally have your ticket or you are getting to see a place that you always dreamed of, the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing your goal can help you to feel proud of yourself.
  • It helps you accept people from other cultures and lifestyles. When you travel to other countries, you are amongst people from varying cultures and lifestyles that may sometimes be hard to adapt to, at first.


As you spend time getting to know people from different walks of life, you will discover that we all share the same challenges and difficulties as humans, and this acceptance of other cultures and beliefs will help you to feel better and happier. It’s a fact.

So, to answer your question if travelers live longer, if happier and healthier is a factor that leads to longer lives, then yes, they surely do. If you want to look forward to a long life, then go ahead and book that flight and get out there and travel.

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