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Why The Sea Makes Every Holiday Special

There are many types of trips and vacations you can enjoy, but there is something unique about one where you can appreciate the presence of the sea. The ocean has a presence that is unlike any other element in nature. It provides you with many advantages, from relaxation to lots of fun and exciting activities. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should choose trips that bring you into contact with the sea.

What the Sea Provides

Whether you are traveling on the ocean in a cruise ship, staying at a beach side resort or renting a quiet cottage by the sea, this element provides you with some unique benefits.

Many people find the sea to be relaxing, even meditative. When you look out upon the ocean, you are reminded of how vast nature is. On clear days, you can gaze into what appears to be infinity. The sea is also constantly in motion. Whether the waters are gentle or rough, the perpetual waves give you something to meditate upon.

There is also the fact that the sea is constantly changing. Additionally, each body of water is different. The Pacific, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and other seas each has its own charms and distinctive colors, sounds and smells. Likewise, every beach is a little different.

Benefits of Cruise Ships

One of the best ways to appreciate the radiance of the seas is aboard a cruise ship. Many travelers find that a cruise is the ideal vacation. Here are just a few of the advantages of this type of travel:

  • Cruises provide you with great value, all for an all-inclusive price.

  • You can choose among many locations throughout the world.

  • You can enjoy life aboard the ship and also visit many exciting ports.

  • Cruises offer unparalleled service, gourmet cuisine and top notch entertainment.

A good cruise can be compared to a luxury resort on the ocean. There are usually multiple restaurants, bars, theaters, live entertainment and fitness centers. Many cruises offer additional amenities such as casinos, spas and activities as diverse as golf, rock climbing and yoga.

A cruise is one of the best ways to experience the wonders of the ocean. Even when you’re not enjoying the amazing meals, entertainment and other activities aboard your cruise ship you always have the luxury of watching the ocean, whether from the deck or from a window. This is a way to spend many unforgettable days on the sea.

There are also many specialty cruises that cater to people with specific interests. Such cruises can revolve around historical, artistic, intellectual or sports related themes. It’s just a question of finding a cruise that is centered around your favorite topic or hobby.

Leading Locations For Cruises

Choosing the right cruise is a matter of considering your budget, preferences and the time of year. Some locations are wonderful throughout the year. Others are more appropriate for specific seasons. Let’s look at some of the best cruise locations and what they have to offer.

South Pacific -The South Pacific has some of the most amazing destinations in the world, such as Australia, the Cook Islands, Tahiti and Bora Bora. There are many possibilities for cruising in this part of the world, and you can find an ideal cruise any time of year.

Caribbean -The Caribbean offers a wide range of choices. Some of these include Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic and Jamaica. These and other Caribbean destinations have some of the world’s most beautiful and best loved beaches. Another advantage of Caribbean cruises is that they offer good value and are among the most reasonable.

Mediterranean -A Mediterranean cruise allows you to visit some of Europe’s most romantic destinations, such as Rome, Athens, Barcelona, Istanbul and the French Riviera. A Greek Islands cruise is another possibility that always makes for an unforgettable journey. This type of cruise offers you the opportunity to see many historical and beautiful cities and islands.

Antarctica -A cruise to Antarctica is a unique experience and makes you privy to a world most people never see, except perhaps on television. You can see amazing glaciers as well as penguin colonies up close. A cruise to this part of the world is usually taken between December and February, when it is summertime in the southern hemisphere.

Galapagos Islands -The Galapagos, located in the Pacific, near Ecuador in South America, is a destination that will appeal to all nature lovers. The Galapagos is home to a diverse population of animals such as penguins, giant tortoises, exotic wild birds and fish. This is a protected area that offers environmentally friendly travel. The best months to visit the Galapagos are April and May.

Enjoying Time Spent By The Sea

There are many ways to appreciate the beauty and majesty of the sea. You can rent a quiet cabin by the water, whether near the Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean or other sea. If you prefer a more lively atmosphere, you can spend a week at a resort that provides lots of opportunities for partying and socializing.

Your experience will vary according to the location and time of year, of course. One way to save money and avoid crowds is to visit seaside locations off season. You may not be able to go swimming, but you can still take brisk walks along the beach and enjoy the atmosphere.

A cruise, however, is probably the best way to get the best value and pack in the most diverse activities. On a cruise you can get a mixture of time aboard the ship and exploring the ports where you stop. With cruises, you can customize your experience by
choosing the cruise line, destination, time of year and duration of your trip to match your budget and preferences.

However you choose to spend your vacation, there is nothing that can match the beauty and brilliance of the sea.

Steph Feelan is a freelance writer who has been contributing to the icruise team for a number of years. Her wealth of experience within the cruise holiday sector allows her to give an excellent insight into why the Sea makes any holiday special.

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