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One Month To Go

Monthly Planning Update

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30 days to go!

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My last budget update at the beginning of August had us approaching the 50k mark – same as last month pretty much. The idea of not having a steady income is really starting to set in. Every little cost feels like we’re never going to get it back…because we’re not. This month we’re going to be making a lot more purchases – vaccinations, backpacks, travel gear/supplies, netbook, etc, however, the biggest expenses are booking the “budget truck” (~$300) and travel insurance (~$1000). All and all, this makes it really difficult to know how much we “set off with” since we’ve been steadily purchasing items for the last few months. Either way, we plan on continuing the budget updates but instead of monthly like they’ve been in the past they’ll be by country to make it more relevant for the reader.


At this point packing, purchasing, and budget are pretty much synonymous as I don’t see any free stuff coming our way – unfortunately our high school back packs are not equip for Asia travel. We made our first trip to REI where we thoroughly exploited the employees for 1.5hrs and tried on a bunch of backpacks, sandals, you name it. We couldn’t decide what we wanted (and frankly feel that you need to try things on for more time) so we walked out with $1800 worth of gear (probably their biggest purchase of the year), most of which will be returned once we try it out. In fact, the bill was so high that it set off alarms at the credit card company, and Capital One halted our credit card thinking it was being frauded.


The Europe Route is out! We got a lot of slack from other bloggers for planning too much but we can’t help it – it’s in our nature. We’ll probably change up our plans multiple times but we prefer having plans to change up as opposed to nothing at all.


Finally, a category in which we’re good to go! We cheated a bit (the only way we could actually finish something). For a grand total of $320 we got all our vaccines (opting out of the Jap Encephalitis and getting lots of freebies from Dave’s health clinic at work). We have also picked up all of our prescriptions and are currently trying to figure out a way to pack them efficiently. At this point, we’re almost ready to open up a black market pharmacy in apt 614 (jk for the squares/parentals).


We have the China visa application filled out and will be heading down to the embassy on Friday to deliver it personally.

Travel Insurance

No new updates. We have decided to purchase travel insurance for our trip but have yet to decide on a specific company. From most of the travel bloggers out there it seems like World Nomads is the best choice so we will most likely be purchasing a policy from them.


We really can’t believe how the time is flying but we honestly think the to do list (at least the pre trip planning list) is shortening. With our departure date from DC to Boston set for September 7th we only have 3 weeks left to enjoy our favorite activities and bid farewell to friends/coworkers.

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