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Must See European Cities – Vienna!

Nothing can get more melodious than celebrating the holiday season in the City of Music – Vienna. This enchanting city will truly fill your soul with a lifetime of harmonious memories.


Vienna is essentially the musical capital of Europe and this can be seen in its countless stage shows and music events that marks its calendar all year through.  Take a tuneful journey through the Palace of Archduke Karl in the old city centre and watch the musical works of some of the greatest composers of our time come alive. Drop into Mozarthaus Vienna and become acquainted with the life history and the compositions of the legendary Mozart who spent most of his years living in this very address.  Visit the greatest opera house in the world, the Vienna State Opera Museum, that serves you brilliant productions on a platter 300 days a year.  Or head to the Vienna State Ballet and mesmerize yourself with enthralling dance performances such as Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage city, Vienna is replete with museums, cathedrals, Gothic and Baroque architecture and glorious palaces.  Experience the stories of the beginning of time through the 20 million priceless artefacts within the walls of The Museum of Natural History. View world famous works of art at the Albertina Museum and listen to the mystical rhythm of pre-Christmas baroque musical concerts here. Walk the famous Strudlhofstiege stairway with green rails and angled steps, or go to Ruprechtsviertel, the oldest part of Vienna and see the Roman ruins on Hoher Markt. Marvel at Art Nouveau architectural delights of Vienna’s famous skyline.  A visit to Vienna is also incomplete without going to Hofburg, the original core of the Habsburg dynasty and now the official seat of the Austrian president.

Viennese cuisine is characterized by a large selection of soups  and breaded meat. Treat yourself to the world famous Wiener Schnitzel, a breaded veal dish in a ‘bistro’ which is a typical Viennese dining establishment composed of dark wooden panelling, simple furniture  and a large bar. The ‘Steman’ bistro is a must visit if you want to experience traditional Viennese hospitality.  Else you can head to one of the many wine taverns known as Viennese Heurige, to unwind with friends and some fine Vienesse wine.

Cruise along the markets for a distinctive Viennese shopping experience. The Naschmarkt is undoubtedly the chief market in the city bursting with fresh culinary rations, local and exotic alike. Christmas season transforms the city’s tiny squares into a fairyland complete with lights, colours and aromas of freshly baked goodies hanging in the air. Treat your children at the winter wonderland that is Riesenradplatz, brimming with amusement rides and musical plays.

nasch market

A taxi ride through Vienna to indulge in the city’s delights can provide a secure sightseeing experience.  This is a highly recommended and personalized way to get to know the city. Straight from the airport or from the confines of your hotel, there are reliable airport taxi services that can help you get around in Vienna till the last minute. So go witness the wonders of Vienna!

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