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Now Offering Blog Consultations: Make Money On Your Travel Blog

Take Your Blog From Zero to 190

Take Your Blog From Zero to 190

“How do you make so much money on your travel blog?”

I get this question all the time. Even after one year of posting income reports explaining our efforts and strategies we find that there are still many, many people who have not quite figured out how to monetize their travel blog, and I sympathize 100%.

When Vicky and I first started blogging we also had no idea how to make money, scratch that – if we COULD even make money with this blog, nobody talked about it. Luckily, we caught on to a few things early that really helped us in the long run and have changed this last year for us. Still, even now we struggle to reinvent the wheel where many bloggers who have been around longer already know the ins and outs.

As a result, over the last year we’ve earned $80k from our travel blogs from a mix of direct advertising and working with other travel bloggers to sell advertising on their sites. Perhaps more impressive is that since beginning to work with other travel bloggers back in March of this year we’ve managed to put over $60k in their pockets. Despite many people predicing advertising Armageddon there is still a thriving market out there.

Now, I’ve said it before – we are not expert bloggers, not even intermediate bloggers. We’re not the best writers, we don’t take the best pictures, and we don’t have the prettiest blog.

But in this one area I do think we do quite well.

There are a lot of people who are new to travel blogging and are interested in the way that we earn money. If you are one of those people listen up – because what I’m about to offer may just be what you’re looking for.

Vicky and I have designed a course (call it a consultation) to teach you how to market your blog.

More specifically, the objective here is to take relatively new bloggers and teach them how to

  • Build up their blog’s SEO metrics to make it more marketable
  • Pitch themselves to advertisers
  • Negotiate deals
  • Expand, Outsource, Profit

The course will contain the following features

An Advertising Manual – The manual that I am writing is designed to teach you everything, yes EVERYTHING I know about how we profit. Some of the topics included (but not limited to) are:

  • What are advertisers looking for (as told by the advertisers themselves!)
  • How to build up your blog’s SEO metrics
  • How to pitch your blog to advertisers
  • How to negotiate a deal
  • Statistics on pricing for the various offerings
  • The role of virtual assistants
  • Buying and Selling blogs
  • Running multiple blogs

It is extremely detailed and thorough. If there is one thing I can guarantee it is that you will not find this information anywhere else on the web. Yes – it is not on Amazon, it is not in a blog post, it is not even in our income reports. It’s a manual full of the stuff that people don’t talk about (until now). It is extremely specific, which is why it hasn’t been addressed before. It is meant for this audience and no other, so not a best seller by any means. Despite all of that, it is very valuable stuff.

Two half hour consultations – This is where I sit down with you and your blog and we talk specifics. We go over the action items, timelines, and refine your pitch and strategy.

Invitation to our private Facebook group – We will be creating a Facebook group solely for members of this course in which we will share advertisers. Some bloggers already do this – it isn’t new, but it might be new for you and it’s a great way to slowly build up your contacts.

Pricing – What we are planning on charging for this course/consultation is $199, however, the first five people to sign up get a $50 discount totaling $149. I want this to be affordable to virtually everyone while at the same time recognizing that there is a lot of value being provided here in the form of education and contacts. Even just two successful deals resulting from this consultation will pay back the course in full.

On top of this I am offering a full money back guarantee (Paypal fees included) for anyone who is not satisfied with the course up to 90 days afterwards. In the off chance that you decide that it isn’t right for you, you can get your money back – no hassle, no hard feelings. This also protects against the the possibility that Google comes along and fubars the whole game. I don’t want anyone saying we’re trying to take money here. It’s our job to present the case and you decide if it’s worth it.

Is This Right For You ? – Only you can be the judge, but generally this course is targeted towards new bloggers who are interested in profiting the way we have been profiting. It is different from our blogging partnership program, which focuses on PR 2’s and higher and involves more aggressive contact sharing. This is geared towards building an education as well as lightly adding to one’s list of contacts. I’m confident that someone could start a blog today, and if they were aggressive enough, start making money within three months.

Other Benefits – While this course is designed to teach you how to profit like we do, you have to realize that the process for marketing yourself and your business are really very similar. For example, Vicky and I have received hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars worth in free/discounted activities. The pitch is the same. Moreover, what we are going to show you in the form of guest blogging, interviews, and SEO tactics is necessary for simply making a better blog. Having a better blog increases readership, which is the goal of most bloggers.

Quite honestly if this information had been available one year ago (or more) Vicky and I would have benefited a lot from it. It took us months before we earned anything on our blog and more months to get to where we are today. That said, there are specific reasons why we jumped from $1-$3k per month to now $10-$15k in the last few months. We’ve discovered things and refined techniques that we are now looking to share with people who recognize the value. I can only imagine where we’d be if we had known a year ago the potential that was sitting right in front of us. We’re going to bring that full package to you so that you can have it all in a matter of weeks.


The course is being offered at a discounted rate of $149 for the first 5 sign ups (afterwards at the standard rate of $199).

Full 90 day money back guarantee (after completion of the course). 

Interested parties please email us at

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