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Getting your money back. Your guide to cancelled holiday refunds.

With the colder months of the year creeping in and the year itself ticking by so quickly, it’s no wonder that so many of us are already looking forward to our 2020 vacations and travelling adventures. The great thing about booking a holiday in advance is that you have something to look forward to; it’s enough to get us through those frosty mornings and long hard days at the office. It also gives you plenty of time to save up for your trip, for your food, accommodation and travel plans. Not forgetting you get the opportunity to plan your trip in great detail, making the most of your limited time in a new and vibrant location.

So, when your vacation is cancelled, and you can no longer embark on your well planned trip it makes it even more devastating! Creditfix have provided a helpful infographic about what to do if your holiday is cancelled. The cancellation of a holiday is a bitter pill to swallow but bear in mind that the sooner you get your money back, the sooner you can get back to planning your next adventure. With all this in mind, I’ve added an infographic here which provides information on how to get back the money from your cancelled holiday. Check it out below. 

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