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Cruise Upgrades To Look Out For

Our Halong Bay Cruise Boat

Photo by Vicky Berman

When taking a cruise holiday, just about everything is laid on, and as you would expect, there are a lot of ways in which you can upgrade. While those who are new to cruising might not be interested in upgrades, for seasoned cruise passengers, taking the best upgrades is high on their priority list, and with that in mind, here are some of the best cruise upgrades that you should consider.


Shore Excursions

Photo by Vicky Berman

The ports of call are one of the main features of any cruise, and while most passengers sort out their own land excursions, you can take a package that includes a few land trips that are arranged by the tour operator. The one thing you won’t have to worry about if you take the excursion package is getting back to the ship on time, as the staff will always ensure that you don’t miss the ship. It can be quite challenging trying to negotiate a local tour, but if you take the upgrade that includes these tours, you won’t get ripped off, nor will you be taken to a shady jewellers to buy fake items at inflated prices.


Cabin Upgrades

Some passengers opt for a cheap cabin, as they don’t expect to spend much in their sleeping quarters, yet others prefer to have a nice suite with a sea view balcony, and if you like to relax in private with your very own balcony that looks out to sea, this upgrade is good value. It really does depend on the individual, and while some people view their cabin as strictly for sleep, others prefer to entertain and use their cabin for relaxation. For the best Princess Cruise Deals 2019, check with an online cruise tour operator, as they always have last-minute deals that can really save you some money.

Fine Dining Upgrades

Not every cruise offers this, but if there is an option to upgrade to the fine dining level, it is definitely worth it if you are a food and wine aficionado, otherwise you could stick with the regular dining for most of the time, and pay the extra when you feel like a change. It is always a good idea to ask about the many upgrades available, then you can consider each and every one and decide which is worth the extra cost.


Drinks Packages

It is extremely rare to find a cruise that includes alcoholic beverages, which are never cheap by the way, and some cruises will offer an alcoholic beverage upgrade. Is it worth the extra cost? That would depend on whether or not you are a big drinker, and if you are, the drinks package might well save you some money. There are articles you can find through a brief search on Google that offer some top cruise tips from a cruise expert, which are recommended readings for all.

The more cruises you take, the more you learn about life on board a luxury cruise liner, and with so many cabin choices and other special packages, you should spend some time considering these, as they are often very good value.

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