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A Couple Travelers By The Numbers: November’13 Income – $18,143

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Sorry for the late income report everyone. Vicky and I have been super busy lately. First we were trekking in Nepal for a few weeks with friends, and then, immediately following that, we hopped on a plane to Thailand where we are going to be spending the next month living in an apartment in Cha’am. I think this will be the start of a new style of traveling in 2014 – slow traveling so to speak, where we live in apartments for a month or two at a time. This will allow us to get some work done and just take things a bit easier.  I’m already thinking of doing Indonesia and Croatia next year…

New Partnerships

Business has been excellent this month and we hit a record high for profit by several thousand dollars. This is largely due to some new partnerships, or at least one in particular, that we have established and are now earning a few grand a month with. Looking back, we are really starting to see how working with people has yielded really great returns for us. For example, when we did the course, we were introduced to a lot of new bloggers, some of whom took part in the blogging partnership as well as some new projects that we are currently working on. In this sense, we’ve derived a lot of value from the course that has nothing to do with the course at all. It’s a testament to the fact that getting out there and doing things can lead to other things you never imagined.

Google Update

Some of you may know that there was a recent Google update. I hope for many of you this long awaited update was good news, but for us it was basically all bad. While our main sites went through perfectly fine, a few of our smaller, side sites that we were running got hit and lost or decreased their PR. For months we had been enjoying the status of there being no update, and I knew that when one came it would wipe out a few of our sites that were not that clean. It’s unfortunate, but that’s life and it could have been worse. We’re going to start rebuilding this month, and then, will probably lose a few more 3 months from now when/if there is another update. That’s part of what makes it a constant struggle and while I never really feel “safe” month to month about our income, though I would say I feel safer about it now than ever before because I think we have reached more self sufficiency seeing a I can now build my own sites to meet our purposes.

Lower Outlooks

Despite having a fantastic month in November I am almost positive that we are going to be much lower in December. This is partly due to the sites that we have lost and not having any at the moment to replace them. On top of that I think our costs will go up as we attempt some new projects in the coming months. Lastly, things are just going a bit quietly compared to last months’ rocket start. It is hard to predict what will be the result, but I am hopeful that we can maintain a 5 figure month going forward. I think we should be able to, but it will probably not be upwards and onwards for some time until we rebuild what we lost and our new projects materialize.

New Projects

Now that Vicky and I are more stationary, we’re undertaking some new projects that I’m excited about. Firstly we’re looking into building some niche adsense and affiliate sites for ourselves, which will be great not only as potential sources of passive incomes, but also as a lesson in what it takes to rank a site for a particular key term, which is pretty important stuff to know if you’re going to be working online. We are also branching out from the online world so to speak and working with Etsy sellers to place them in stores on a commission basis. We have landed two high end clients and are acting as a sort of sales representative. It shares some similarities with the brokering program we are running, so we will see how it goes. Perhaps some of all of these will fizzle out but it is good to finally have the time to try them!

traffic november

Google Page Rank: 3/10

Domain Authority: 41/100


ACoupleTravelers – $20,397

  • Direct Advertising: $16,061
  • Blogging Partnership: $4336

AvocadoPesto – $303

  • Direct Advertising: $225
  • Blogher: $49
  • Adsense: $28
  • Amazon: $.5

Total Business Costs: $2,557


This month we donated to Child Fund International – Help Children in the Philippines to aid in the recent typhoon disaster.

“Child Fund works in 30 countries, assisting approximately 18.1 million children and their family members in 2013. Their distinctive approach focuses on working with children, regardless of race, creed or gender, throughout their journey from birth to young adulthood, as well as with families, local organizations and communities globally to create the environments children need to thrive.”
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