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Cloud 9 Living Boston Helicopter Tour Review


You know I’m all about the experiences and adrenaline activities. From skydiving to bungee jumping I’m in. So when Cloud 9 Living – whose motto is “create a memory, give an experience” reached out to us, naturally I was instantly intrigued.

Cloud 9 Living allows you to search for various experiences in your area, from adrenaline packed ones to simply ethnic cooking classes. The whole idea is to gift people experiences instead of your traditional gift. With over 2000 experiences to choose from there is no shortage and plenty of variety. From to a $27 Cape Cod Dune Tour to a DaVince Gold Scavenger hunt priced at $2410 there is something at every price point.

Cloud 9 Living

Not quite smitten with either of those two options, Dave and I picked something in the middle – a helicopter tour for two (or up to three) around Boston. To book the experience we just had to get on the phone with Cloud 9 Living and they reached out to the tour provider and organized the date and time for us. Simple as can be.

Neither of us had ever been in a helicopter before so it seems like a unique way to see our city and who knows when we would get that chance again right?

We arrived at Blue Hill Helicopters (which to ease the nerves does have a 5 star rating on yelp) and after some standard paperwork were ready for our flight. Our instructor, Taylor was super friendly and personable and we hit it off with him quickly.


As we hopped into the helicopter he instructed us on how everything works, showed us the ropes and made us feel comfortable.


Within minutes we were taking off, in a slow, gliding manner, completely unlike the way a plane takes off. In a plane you feel like you instantly go from 0 to 100 but in a helicopter it’s more of a peaceful ascent, where at times you might ever start to question if the engines are fully warmed up. Nothing to worry about though.

From there we were quickly flying through the sky. Being the curious one I was firing all sorts of helicopter related questions at Taylor, all of which he was answering and building on.

The airport is located in Norwood, Mass, a short flight from Boston. As we made our way closer to the city, Taylor was pointing out all the landmarks, buildings, sights we were seeing below.


A pretty good tour guide as well as helicopter operator. The helicopter tour has honestly given me a new appreciation for Boston, a city that I sometimes am not super fond of.

From the height of a helicopter and the angle you get a magical view of the city and surrounding towns, lakes, mountains, etc.

From that angle you get the perfect view of the city buildings, parks, and homes. You are just high enough to be able to take everything in, but not so high that you can’t make anything out.


The John Hancock Tower itself just seems to shine and sparkle in the mid day light.


The 30 minute tour was the perfect amount of time to see the whole city, as well as Cambridge and neighboring towns.

On our way back to Norwood, Taylor even pointed out Tom Brady’s house!


Not a bad way to end the tour!

Overall we both fully enjoyed our helicopter tour. It truly is a fantastic way to see a new city, landscape, etc. A 30 minute tour gives you a chance to experience the way a helicopter flies and enjoy the surrounding area. Many thanks to Taylor, our pilot and tour guide as well as Blue Hill Helicopters and Cloud 9 Living.

Next time you’re looking for a gift or special occasion idea check out Cloud 9 Living to get an idea for all the awesome experiences out there!


*I received a complimentary experience from Cloud 9 Living in exchange for my review but as always all experiences expressed here are my own*

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