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Business Class Travel: Why it is Worth It

Image taken by Victoria Berman

Air travel has seen many changes in the past decade, as airlines struggle to make a profit in this lucrative, yet very competitive industry. Economy has long been the target for cuts and savings, as the airlines look for ways to fit more seats into this lower-class section of the aircraft, and while this is happening, business class just keeps getting better. You can find great deals on credit cards that offer double miles for each dollar you spend which means it might be easier to upgrade your class. We are fast reaching the point where, apart from being on the same aircraft, there is little else to compare economy with business class, and, as expected, more and more travellers are turning their attention to the superior flying experience.


A Different Flying Experience

Photo taken by Victoria Berman

If there were a single advantage to flying business class, it would make it a difficult choice, yet by upgrading, the benefits are queuing up like an unmanned customs entry lane. Here are just a few of the superior services one receives when flying business class:

  • Separate Checking in Counters – Forget waiting in line with literally hundreds of other flyers, when you can simply walk up to the (always empty) business class check in counter, where you will be greeted with a smile. If you are thinking that flying business class is an expensive option, check out the cheap business class flights to Europe that are available online.
  • Relaxing in the Business Class Lounge – No one likes waiting around for boarding, unless you have access to a sumptuous lounge with all the facilities you could wish for, and that business class ticket automatically allows you to get away from the crowds and seek refuge in the luxurious surroundings that are exclusively there for business class passengers.
  • Extra Baggage Allowance – We all know that feeling when the check in staff shake their head as our baggage tips the scales, which usually happens on the return flight, as we are laden with gifts and souvenirs. These are the times we wished we had gone ahead with the upgrade, and for many travellers, the extra baggage allowance is the main reasons for the upgrade. There is also an interesting read on how you can make money by flying business class, written by a well-known entrepreneur.
  • The In-Flight Experience – This is where it really matters; more leg room, superior in-flight entertainment, a better menu, the list goes on and on, and simply put, the difference between arriving at your destination relaxed and refreshed and as a tired and unhappy camper, lies firmly in your choice of ticket.  The only similarity between the business class and economy is that you are on the same aircraft, there it ends.

More and more frequent flyers are turning to business class, and with prices that are more than reasonable, flying business class has never been as attractive as it is today. Word on the grapevine is that airlines will continue to woo travellers into the much superior business class, so you can expect to see even more benefits added to the already long list.

Photo taken by Victoria Berman

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