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Your Safari Wedding

With the romantic backdrop of African scenery and the thrilling proximity of the wildlife, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to have their special day in Africa. It’s large enough to find a secluded location, and the people you meet will be friendly and welcoming.


Whether keen to relax or to go on a big adventure (or both!), you are perfectly positioned to explore Africa after the celebrations – the combination of beach holiday and safari is a popular one for a honeymoon, as it allows you to see several sides of African scenery and sample different kinds of holidays.

Reasons to choose a safari wedding:

  • Service in many safari camps is world-class, with staff looking after you every step of the way – essential for a wedding or honeymoon. It’s this special, personalised touch that will help make your African wedding memorable.
  • The backdrop of Africa’s amazing scenery and the sights and sounds of incredible wildlife make for a truly unique wedding venue. Your photos and memories will be as much about the location as the day itself.
  • Home comforts are widely available in many safari camps. Hot and cold running water, showers, great food, comfortable beds and even swimming pools are available in a variety of camps – and you can still get a true bush experience, with the best of wildlife viewing. A true luxury experience is also available in some safari camps.
  • Though you’ll need travel vaccinations and malaria tablets, Africa is a reliable and comfortable place to travel in, with dependable transport, good facilities, excellent weather and not quite as many insects and bugs as you may reasonably expect. As such it’s suitable for most travellers – adventurous, but it’s not travelling on the edge – it’s still comfortable for older members of the family or young children.
  • While a wedding or a honeymoon safari in Africa might be chosen for the seclusion and privacy, guides and staff are some of the most genuinely friendly you’ll ever get to meet, and they’ll do everything they can to make your special day a truly memorable one for all the right reasons.

Africa offers breathtaking locations for intimate weddings. If you choose to get married on safari, you may well be the only wedding they organise that year, so your hosts will be nearly as thrilled as you are!

Vivienne Egan writes for Safari Consultants who can arrange the perfect safari wedding and honeymoon for you.

photo credit: jzawodn via photopin cc

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