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Worldwide Spiritual Retreats

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Are you in need of a special kind of holiday? No matter which month we are in, it is normal to feel a little overloaded now and then. While some people prefer to escape their daily routine by taking a trip to their favourite destination, others might prefer to isolate themselves to have a good rest. But, have you ever thought of visiting a spiritual retreat as a mean to release your stress? Around the world, there are many such spots which can only make you feel better! And, the tour begins:

MesaStila in Indonesia

Set inside a hotel, MesaStila is located in a working coffee plantation. Its property includes tropical gardens, a colonial railway station, and plenty of fresh mountain air. Deciding to visit it? You should probably experience the ‘tabib’. It is simply a way to cure the body and spirit through the use of herbs by Javanese therapists.

Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giravaaru

This hotel consists of 103 thatched bungalows and beaches. You can enjoy the swim with whale sharks or relax in your villa’s private pool and manta rays in the Indian Ocean. The resort also provides “reconnection rituals” including body therapies, bathing, essential oils, chakra healing, massage, and sound.

Song Saa in Cambodia

If your idea of spiritual enhancement needs a lot of material comforts, you surely need to book one of the 27 villas on Song Saa Private Island. There, you can enjoy meditations and Buddhist teachings surrounded by rainforest. You can even plan for your own wellness package through Song Saa. Expect bath rituals, bio-rhythms, massage, and blessings from Buddhist monks.

Temenos Retreat Centre in McGregor, South Africa

Titled as an ancient Greek healing temple, this small resort provides self-guided retreats or silent retreats, mindfulness retreats, and dedicated wellness weeks. Depending on your selected program, your stay could involve vegetarian meals, South African flower essence readings, aromatherapy, walks in the centre’s renowned gardens, meditation, as well as yoga.

Holy Mount of Grabarka in Poland

Holy Hill was once reported to have saved the lives of many people from an 18th-century cholera epidemic. Ever since, many visitors go to Poland’s Holy Mount of Grabarka. These people come to pray for miracles. The high season is in August. Hundreds of people come for the Transfiguration of Christ festival. These guests get to stay with their families, or sometimes rent a bed in the pilgrim house.

Springwater Centre in Finger Lakes, New York

Springwater Centre provides a silent retreat without a rigid schedule. There, you can plan your own stay, or you can even join one of the four annual Quiet Weeks. If you wish, you can take part in a daily schedule of meditations. All that is needed is to keep the calm throughout silent times, and to provide an hour of work per day. And for the rest of the time, you can meet with the spiritual advisors, meditate, eat vegetarian meals, or wander through forests and meadows.

Aside from these spiritual retreats in the world, there are other types of escapes you can take into consideration. If it is not possible for you to fly or travel for example, you can look for other alternatives. Such as playing online games with a peaceful atmosphere. Who wouldn’t want to hop on a site like Regal Wins Casino to try its slot games? Providing that you can find relaxation time on this site, there are countless of other possibilities you can look for. It is simply a matter of choice!

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