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Unexpected Family Friendly Destinations Around The World

Before taking a holiday one must choose a destination that can provide them with a fun and safe holiday. This is especially true for families which must find a destination that is appropriate for children while still providing some interest for adults. Astonishingly, there are many destinations that have long been perceived as being for adults only. These venues actually are also quite suitable for families.

Patagonia, Argentina

With a long held reputation as being a playground for thrill seekers, the region also has activities to interest today’s child. The Perito Moren Glacier is one such site which offers guided walks. For families with older children, they may want to hike the glacier. The lovely landscapes can be enjoyed from the back of a horse as riding adventures are found here.  Expect to observe native animals in their natural habitat including seals, penguins and whales.

Las Vegas

When one thinks of Las Vegas they typically think of some of the world’s best casino gambling. While this is true, the city also has gained a standing as one of the best family destinations with many hotels and resort such as these mentioned in The Tournament of Kings is a family friendly show that takes audiences back to the days of King Arthur. Expect to see jousting matches and other displays of bravery. A three course meal is also included where guests eat by hand as was the case during medieval times.

Hong Kong

This Asian city is probably one of the best places for kids to visit on the continent. Visit the smallest Disney Park, Hong Kong Disneyland. This smaller size is actually ideal for kids who often are exhausted with navigating the larger parks. Experience some kid friendly food from the region within the park. You can opt for a half day visit or a full day.  The Peak is another not to miss when in Hong Kong. A tram can be taken to the top to allow the most breathtaking views. Walkers can stop at a playground made especially for children.

Las Vegas as well as these other travel destinations can provide families with a wonderful vacation.

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