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Top 10 small Greek islands


Greek islands are popular holiday destination. Sometimes this can be a serious disadvantage if you don’t like the crowds. But since there are so many small islands in the Aegean and Ionian sea, it is never too late to find a real gem. Usually tourists heading for those small islands take a plane to a bigger one and then use the ferry. It is always a good idea to book in advance if you want to enjoy the best accommodation. For more information you can check Villas4you to book a villa online.


Paxos always goes in combination with Antipaxos. The two islands are situated against each other in the Ionian sea and there are two words that best describe them – wine and beaches. Paxos and Antipaxos are ideal for people who love to walk and when they get tired the lovely cafes and taverns are the perfect place to rest.


If you are a fan of the Greek Mythology, this is the right place for you. It is a small legendary island mentioned in the Odyssey by Homer as the birth place of Odysseus. If all this is true, then as a young boy Odyssey enjoyed one of the best beaches in Greece situated around small fishing villages and olive groves.


Elafonisos is a small island situated between Peloponnese and Kythira. In fact it takes just a few minutes from the mainland to reach the shores if the island. During the winter months only 300 people live there, but come June and there are more than 3000. If you wander why, you should just see the white beaches of Elefonisos.


When you go to a foreign country and want to find the best place to stay or eat, a good advice is to look where the locals are going. Kea is one of the favorite holiday places for the citizens of Athens and they must know their islands well.


Lefkada is the Greek paradise for surfers. The island is connected with the mainland by a long floating bridge. Here tourists can find the typical lovely beaches, vineyards and olive groves. Lefkada is also part of the Greek mythology and is linked with the goddess of love Aphrodite.


This is a small green island in the Aegean sea. Ideal destination for honeymoon or romantic trip. It is not far from the mainland and the other islands around so if you get tired of walking around the white beaches and green parks there are many options for one day boat trips.


Simy is a small island situated close to the Turkish cost that looks like a set of a fairytale. The harbor captures the hearts of the visitors with its colorful houses. There is a fortress, monastery and exclusive beaches. Climbing the stairs that lead to the main town Ano Symi is not easy but totally worth.


Patmos is famous for its churches and the monastery in the main village Hora. Although the population is less than 3000 there are thousands little churches which make the small island feel like a sacred holly place. Despite that the nightlife in Patmos should not be underestimated.


Santorini is one the most visited Greek islands. Tourists love it but sometimes they get tired of the crowded streets and beaches. If this is the case, Anafi is the place. It is close to Santorini but is a lot more isolated and unknown. The beaches are an equal match to those in Santorini.


Gavdos is the southernmost Greek islands just beneath Crete. This is where campers love to go. Here they feel really close to the nature. And the nature itself is beautiful, especially the beaches.

The best way to see the islands is of course, by boat. If you do not have your own boat nor the means to rent one, another way to have a “boating” experience on the Mediterranean is with remote control sailboats! These are not just for kids; they actually generate an incredibly rewarding and fun day spent outdoors for adults too! So just fly yourself over to one of the islands and take your remote control sailboat out on the water.

These were our top choices but there are many islands too choose from. What was your favourite?

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