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The Treasures of Egypt

Mount Sinai

Egypt’s history has fascinated people for centuries. The ancient Pharoahs hoarded and built so extravagantly that the country is jam-packed with treasures to discover. Consider a package holiday, and you can see it all for yourself. Egypt holidays can include everything from the beach, to ancient tombs. But here are 6 things to discover that are either made of gold, or worth their weight in it:

1)    The treasure of King Tut’s tomb

Much of what is probably the most famous loot in the world can be seen at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Most of it is jaw dropping just to look at, but combine that with the story of its discovery, and the museum will have you captivated.

2)    The turquoise of Sinai

Egypt used to be home to at least two full-scale turquoise mines, but now the deposits of this precious gem lie largely unexploited. You can explore the disused mines around the temple at Serabit el-Khadim with the help of a local guide, and you’ll find turquoise jewelry on sale all over the country.

3)    The life of the Red Sea

Egypt is famous as a diving destination, so don’t miss the opportunity to see what wonders live underwater. There are many diving centres that will help you see the best of the sealife, and you’ll find opportunities for any level of diver from novice to expert.

4)    The view of the sunrise from Mount Sinai

The top of Mount Sinai is considered one of the most sacred places in Egypt, as it is where Moses is alleged to have received the 10 commandments. If you climb the mountain in time to watch the sunrise, you’ll understand why so many people have made the pilgrimage in the past. On the way back down, don’t forget to visit St. Katharine’s Monastery, built on the supposed site of the burning bush.

5) The jewelry of the Bedouin tribe

The nomadic people who live in the Sinai desert are known for the handcrafted wares they sell to any people they pass by. The jewelry may not be made of expensive materials, but the unique designs and beautifully made pieces will be precious to anyone who gets the chance to purchase them. The people of the tribe are also wonderfully friendly, so consider yourself lucky if you get the chance to chat or share a meal with some of Egypt’s original residents.

6)    The Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza

The sight of the most famous destination in Egypt is priceless, as are the historic artifacts found in the area. You’ve probably seen plenty of photos, but there’s nothing like the reality of the place. Come to see the great structures that still boggle engineers and architects today, and to hear the staggering story of their history.

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