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Teaching In China

When Should I Start Looking For A Teaching Job In China?

Are you passionate about traveling to a foreign country and teaching abroad? Have you ever thought about teaching and living in beautiful Beijing? If you have, then this post is for you!

Being prepared for a challenge is a half way to the finish! In this article, I will tell you when you should look for a teaching job in China. I will also give you some practical guidelines to get a good teaching job in this beautiful country.

The First Step In Starting Your Teaching Adventure – Saving Money

Let’s be honest – you will need a decent amount of money to go to China. Thus, the first step is to start saving money aside for your adventure in China. You will need these funds not only for travel costs but also to get by through the first couple of months.

As soon as you get a decent teaching job, you can start spending your earned money. The decent teaching job in China can get you around $2000. It is more than enough to live in smaller cities like Qingdao for example.

The Second Most Important Step – Preparing Your Papers

Organize your documents, and you are ready to go! It means getting a proper Visa – that is Z Visa which is designed for teachers. Be aware of individuals who try to convince you to get other Visas. Only Z Visa gives you eligibility to work as a teacher.

What about your Bachelor’s degree? You will need to present it with the rest of documents as it is a proof of your teaching skill. Some schools don’t demand college diplomas. Yet, your chances for hiring are much higher if you do have one.

Also have in mind one thing – not having a criminal record is a must!

Preparing Yourself – Gathering TEFL certificate and teaching experience

TEFL certificate is a solid proof of your teaching knowledge. It would be wise to get this certificate as your employers will be glad to hire you because of the license. Imagine you are an employer and you need to hire someone. One guy has the TEFL certificate while the other one does not have it – who would you hire? The man with the license!

Teaching experience is not obligatory but is a huge advance. TEFL certificate is expensive and takes a lot of time to get it so people opt for working in kindergartens. But in the end, everything depends on you and your abilities.

You Are Ready Now To Look For A Teaching Job

As soon as you get to this last step, it means you are one step further from getting a job. The golden rule is to do the thorough research and never accept the very first one! The research is the key to getting a good job.

The best way to look for a job is via websites (one of the best is which are legit and reliable. The crucial thing is to apply to many jobs until you find the one that is right for you. Or you contact someone who lives there and knows how things work.

Being Prepared Is Crucial For Getting The Job

Teaching in China requires a lot of effort and preparation as you could understand, but it is not a reason to quit. In a nutshell, you will need around 6 months to prepare yourself. But have in mind that this preparation will result in better job and higher salary.

If you think you are the right person for a teaching job, the preparation will give you inspiration! Remember – hard work pays off! Gather your money and papers on time. Then get a certificate and experience. Arm yourself with knowledge and start looking for a teaching job in China!

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