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Stepping away from the norm: Four alternative cruise holiday ideas

When someone says “cruise”, what do you think of? The turquoise waters of the Caribbean? The palm trees and volcanoes of Hawaii? The beautiful historical towns of the Mediterranean? Although these are all stunning destinations, your cruise holiday doesn’t have to fit the mould of sunshine and crystal clear waters. You can find so many different locations, style of cruise with all kinds of different people, to meet every budget at many reputable cruise providers like Cruise 1st here.

There are plenty of stunning destinations which are less traditional but equally as enjoyable for a cruise. Offering a complete contrast to the traditional sunny cruise is an expedition to the North Pole. The North Pole is one of the most pure, unexplored places on the planet. The arctic has stunning scenery and breath-taking wildlife to offer an experience like no other. At night time, your views of ice and the midnight sun will be a truly once in a lifetime experience.

If sunshine is a must have on your cruise holiday, try out a river cruise in South Asia for an alternative to the norm. River cruises on the Mekong River are slowly growing in popularity. The gigantic Mekong River spans China, Vietnam and Cambodia, offering a rich variety of culture and beautiful scenery. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the floating markets or stunning cities like Siam. You will see an abundance of wildlife including dolphins and catfish.

Another beautiful alternative cruise destination is the Suez Canal in the Middle East. For many travellers, the historical significance of the Middle East is like no other, particularly for Christians. The Middle East is home to stunning sights including the ancient Pyramids of Egypt and the tallest building in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa. In the Middle East, it is worth being respectful of dress codes and packing appropriately for the Middle Eastern culture. Women are expected to remain covered up and wear headscarves if visiting a mosque.

Burj Khalifa

Heading south from the Middle East, the final favourite alternative cruise destination is South Africa. The Cape Coast is a beautiful area to explore by sea. Africa has a vast range of landscapes, wildlife and cultures making it a stunning place to visit. The beaches of South Africa are out of this world and the sunshine is second to none. When cruising the Cape Coast, holidaymakers can visit the stunning and iconic Table Mountain for amazing views of the coastline. South Africa is one of the world’s top destinations for wine making, so its vineyards are well worth a visit, particularly if you are a lover of wine.

Table Mountain

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  1. Cruising is the best way to take a break from the daily busy life…

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