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Sightseeing in NYC’s Manhattan Borough

Manhattan is probably the most popular borough of NYC, offering many things to do and see for everyone. As the heart of the Big Apple, it contains everything needed to give visitors a great time, including monuments, gardens, museums and parks. In fact, many of America’s, and obviously, of New York City’s most famous icons are found here. Whether you want to explore the art scene of the city or plan to revisit its history, this great borough has avenues to help you fulfill your long-cherished sightseeing goals. So, chalk out your Manhattan itinerary carefully and visit most of its top-rated attractions.

Here is a list of top places in Manhattan for sightseeing –

Empire State Building

This 1931 and 1454-foot Art Deco skyscraper is one of the most visited attractions in NYC and perhaps among the most famous icons of the city skyline. An engineering marvel and a symbol of American ambition, the building has two observatories, respectively on the 86th and 102nd floor, that give majestic 360-degree views of the city.

Central Park

This 843-acre of lush green oasis was the first-ever landscaped public park in America. It continues to draw thousands of visitors every day for its attractions as varied as woodlands, lakes, gardens, wildlife, shedding hills, monuments and much more. Central Park bike tours are the best way to explore the vast expanse of the park, and enjoy its attractions.

The Statue of Liberty

A universal symbol of freedom, Lady Liberty is a pride of not only NYC but also of America. A gift from France, the statue stands at 305 feet tall from the base, and delights for its matchless fusion of art, culture and architecture.

One World Observatory

Imagine being atop the tallest building in the United States, at some 1,250 above the ground and taking a sweeping or 360-degree view of the city below!  With a visit to One World Observatory at World Trade Center, you can get as far as the 102nd floor and then revel in panoramic views below.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Over 2 million works of art await you at the Met that occupies some 13 acres of Central Park. In terms of quality and scale, this 1880s museum is definitely second to none, and it should be on your must-visit list. Staggering art collections apart, the architecture of the building is a work of art in itself worth savoring for hours!

The High Line

Walk through a field of wildflowers unmindful of hordes of taxis and motors going along the street below. Enjoy a morning or evening stroll and take in the charming view of the city in a park built on the elevated railway track. Roam above the city, sprawl on lush lawns, or sit in a chair to see the life unfold below.

Times Square

Get the first-hand experience of the dazzle and charms and lights of NYC. Be in the midst of a sea of people walking randomly and aimlessly, or head to one of many tourist-loved shopping malls. Enjoy shows, partake in events, gaze at glittering signboards and shop till you tire!     

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