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Sideline blurbs: mixing NFL games with your London holiday

For people who are not familiar with the National Football League (NFL) scene, they will immediately associate NFL to Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen. But to the hard-core and 100% NFL enthusiasts, they know what you mean when you say NFL International Series.

The NFL is a truly American league. However, over the years, NFL gained some serious following from fans around the globe. The best non-American fans are found in the capital of England, London.

Updating Your Fundamental Knowledge on NFL International Series

To appease the thirst of NFL enthusiasts outside the continental United States, the NFL has invaded London’s Wembley stadium by making it the host of regular season American football matches. This kind of activity started way back in 2005, and it will continue until 2016; unless the contract regarding the holding of the NFL events are not renewed. Holding regular season football games in London is one way of promoting this American game abroad.

Mixing Up Football and Travel

Sport aficionados know all too well the exhilarating feeling they experience when watching a live game. So if you are an NFL fan and would want to mix up your London holiday with a little bit of testosterone fest, then you can plan your London travel in accordance to the schedule of the NFL games.

For the 2013 schedule of the NFL International Series, it was announced that on September 29, 2013 the Pittsburgh Steelers will play against the Minnesota Vikings at the Wembley Stadium. Another exhilarating game is scheduled on October 27, 2013 in the same stadium between the San Francisco 49ers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. You can work your holiday schedule around this month to get a personal experience of the NFL games.

To spice up your football experience, why not try the online football betting tactics while watching the game yourself. Betting on your favorite NFL team could definitely make the game more exciting and eventful. There are many online football betting websites that you could choose from. Plus, betting online is a good opportunity for you to earn some extra money.

A good after game activity would ideally be going to a pub and having a couple of brew. However, since you’re on a holiday, why limit yourself to just the view of the bar when you can have a fantastic city tour of London. Here are some fantastic sights to visit when travelling into London.

Vantage Points: Places to Visit in London

√The  Tower Bridge

This enigmatic structure of two buttressing towers is a very unique London landmark. It functions as a venue of special occasions as well as places that host exhibitions. You can either visit the Tower Bridge during daytime or nighttime, depending on your convenience.

√The Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey is an important historical structure in all of England. This church has been a silent witness to the coronation, nuptials, and even burials of British Monarchs over the years. It houses some of the important relics in England’s history.

√The Big Ben

Of course, only a fool would miss out on the Big Ben on his London holiday. Visiting this London landmark will definitely complete your London holiday.

Mixing sports and holiday is a great combination to make a memorable vacation.

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