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RV Vacation for Couples: Some Practical Tips

If you’ve been following our website for a while, you know how much we love road trips. Going on a road trip is an adventure and it is a lot easier to do today thanks to the increasing popularity of road trips among travelers. Another adventure to consider is an RV vacation, where you take a recreational vehicle or a motor home and have a blast.

Similar to planning a road trip, there are a few things to prepare before you can go on an RV vacation. For starters, you need an RV and a route for the trip. These next few practical tips will help you organize your own RV vacation with your partner without any hassle.

The Perfect Vehicle

Due to the expanding market for motor homes, there are now a lot of options to choose from when it comes to RVs. You can have a fully-featured motorhome, a campervan, or even a pop-up camper for shorter, more intimate road trips. Choosing the perfect vehicle for the trip, however, is important.

When going for a bigger RV, for example, you want to make sure the two of you can enjoy spending your days in the vehicle comfortably. Small touches such as an RV double recliner and a queen- or king-sized bed can alter the mood of the trip completely.

The kitchen and kitchen amenities are also very important, especially if you want to cook most of the meals yourself. Having a functional kitchen allows you to keep the budget for the trip in check too.

 The Perfect Route

Thanks to the internet and the wealth of online resources available, planning a route for a road trip is easier than ever. That said, you still need to get several details covered before the actual trip. You can start by marking camping grounds and gas stations along the way so you always know where you can stop and rest. Some campsites require you to book ahead, so be sure to do that as well.

Don’t forget to plan the places you want to visit. Sure, you want to be spontaneous and adventurous, but some planning can help make the whole experience more enjoyable. Take your partner’s views into account and visit places you know the two of you will enjoy.

Supplies and More

Going on a road trip involves bringing enough supplies for all parts of the trip. Even when you have a large RV for the trip, it is still necessary to limit the number of items you bring with you for extra convenience.

You can find out about supermarkets, local pop-up markets, and convenience stores where you can get the supplies you need along the way. This also lets you keep certain things such as food items and ingredients fresh.


In certain places, you are required to have a special license to drive bigger RVs. Be sure to get your paperwork in order before the trip to avoid unwanted problems. You should also take the time to understand local regulations (i.e. the highway code) before driving in a new country. Get these details covered and you will have a blast on your next RV vacation.

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