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Monthly Budget Update – May
May 13

Monthly Budget Update – May
By Dave and Vicky

Vicky and I have been saving up for our trip since September. Every month we keep track of our finances to know how much we’re spending and how much remains for our budget. Our goal is to have $65k saved up for two years of travel through Europe and Asia.

How We Planned Our Route
Mar 3

How We Planned Our Route
By Vicky

Dave and I discuss how our route came to be in this detailed post discussing the trade offs a traveler has to consider concerning routes, weather, costs and more.

Nov 21

Why We’re Going Round The World (RTW)
By Dave

A lot of people ask the question, why (and how) are you traveling “round the world”, and, while this trip may not be taking us completely around the world in standard Magellan fashion, we thought it prudent to explain ourselves. In doing so, we’ll quell…

Nov 20

By Dave and Vicky

Key Red – Where we are going Green – Where we are Blue – Where we’ve been

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