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Ping Pong DC Restaurant Review

ping pong restaurant - Washington DC

ping pong restaurant - Washington DC


Overall Experience:

Vicky and I embarked on a sunny, Sunday afternoon to have lunch with my coworker and friend Teerna. She recommended Dim Sum in the heart of DC, Dupont Circle at Ping Pong Restaurant. As Vicky and I have not had many lunch excursions we were much obliged. Having never had Dim Sum before (the first 18 years of my life were spent in a bubble eating chicken mcnuggets, while the only Asian cuisine I ate during college was late night orders of Crab Rangoon from the local Hong Kong Restaurant), I was more or less willing to go with the flow on this one. The waitress explained the varying options (I don’t remember what they were, but it was complicated and involved lots of numbers), we agreed on a mix of vegetarian and meat dumplings to accommodate our varying dietary needs. The meal was delightful and so was the company, a great way to spend a sunday lunch as well as a nice introduction to Dim Sum for me!

Restaurant Facts

Address: 1 Dupont Circle NW Washington DC 20036


Meal At A Glance:

What type of meal was it? Lunch

Itemized Bill: $18 pp Char Sui Bun, Vegetable Bun, Golden Dumpling, 2 Spicy Vegetable Dumpling, Spicy Pork Dumpling, Crab and Prawn Dumpling, Jasmine Pearl Tea

Dim Sum At Ping Pong - Washington DC

Dim Sum At Ping Pong - Washington DC



Quality: * * * * Overall I was very impressed with the quality. The doughy exterior combined with juicy interior made for a nice mixture of tastes. We tried a variety of dishes and they all were clean, fresh, and well presented. Above all, they hit the spot!

Price: $$$ While not extravagant, due to its location in the heart of DC as well as ethnic dishes, I would rank this above average for lunch. That said, given the quality of the food and the reasonable portion sizes it certainly is reasonable if you enjoy this cuisine. Each dish comes with 3 dumplings /buns and while the waitress recommends 3-4 dishes per person we ordered 7 for the three of us and were just fine.

Service: It seemed to me that it was the waitresses first day as she slightly stumbled over the various options, but overall the service was nice and standard.

Interior: Sleek modern decor with fully visible kitchen – love it!

Alcohol: Did not partake though there was a full bar and drinks menu with various exotic teas.

Entertainment: N/A

Location: Not far from the Dupont circle metro!

Would we go back?: YES!

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