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Paperless Post Review

Paper invitations are completely overrated if you ask me. Why waste paper, when online invitations can be just as detailed, elaborate and fancy? When you’ve got companies like Paperless post taking online invitations to the next level, you won’t even think about using snail mail and a paper invite again.

You just first have to drop the old fashioned old school paper invite formalities. Just remove those thoughts from your mind.

An online invite, sent electronically is the way of the future, and with the various customizations and design features made available with Paperless Post you won’t even look back.

I personally love this site.

There are tons of categories to choose from; including birthday, wedding, professional, just because; you name it, it’s here.

To get the process started you first create an account (which comes with 25 free coins, to be used towards the invitations) and then select the event and style you are going for.

From there you have the option to customize the design, select the text size and font, background, etc.

There are free designs and paid designs. The fancier you get the more expensive each card becomes.

You can even design the envelopes and stamps too!

It get’s to be quite fine.

If I had a wedding to plan I know I wouldn’t be using paper invites, and would go Paperless post instead.

As it turns out, I do have my own wedding to plan and guess who’s handling the invites?

Paperless post.

That’s how you know I really believe in this brand and their style! I know I’ll be using Paperless Post for all my future events too!

With so many different designs to choose from and an easy UI/UX to work with, there’s no need to look for any other invitation alternatives!

If you need some invitations made, Paperless Post is the place to start!

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