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Mexico Holidays – Experience of a life time

What country can offer both spice and vibrancy to life than a holiday spent in Mexico?  Mexico holidays will take you to various scenic sights of Mexico that will surely enrapture your senses and inflame your thirst to experience the culture and life of this historical country.

Quenching the heat in beaches.

Mexico is known for its sunny beaches and blood pumping beach life. The fun in the beach truly begins when the sun sets. Tourists around the globe agree that the beaches in Cancun almost complete the tourist’s beach itinerary. The beach person could also spend Mexico holidays by visiting the glamorous beaches of Acapulco. Acapulco has been the destination for the stars during the old Hollywood era. Now, it is home to activities like cliff diving.

If solitude is your thing, you can spend your holiday in any resort in Playa del Carmen.  Playa Del Carmen is home to solitary beaches with an alluring turquoise water. A sure hit to beach lovers everywhere.  Visiting Tulum will also feed your curiosity for ancient archaeology and romance. The beaches and resort in Tulum is home to some ancient ruins and gorgeous isolated beaches. Perfect for lovers looking for the ultimate Mexico holiday.

Your final beach destination can be the sheltered beach of the Cabo San Lucas. This stretch of sand is ideal for outdoor activities like big-game fishing, diving and kayaking, just to name a few. The calm sea in this area stimulates the sublime beach relaxation. After a relaxing time in the beach, you can spend an eventful time by experiencing the nightlife of Cabo San Lucas.

The archaeological and architectural experience.

Mexico is one of the oldest cities in the world. It coddles the most influential archaeological and architectural discoveries and structures of our time. Mexico holidays are not complete without exposing your mind and spirit to these remarkable and inspiring structures.

A walk tour of Mexico will lead you to the oldest structures in the world of architecture.  Mexico is home to devout Catholics. Naturally, you can find some of the oldest churches here in Mexico such as the enigmatic Mexico City Cathedral; the serene Church of Santo Domingo; the historical structures of Saint Augustine House and La Santisima and the landmark Church of San Lorenzo. These church structures are silent testament to the unwavering faith of the Mexicans on their belief.

You can also experience how the life of the old metropolis by visiting the National Palace, National Monte de Piedad, San Ildefonso Street, Palace of Iturbide, Museo Nacional de Arte,  Palacio de Correos, and Palacio de Bellas Artes, just to name a few.

Mexico holidays are not complete without a visit to the Aztec ruins. Tenochtitlan is the ancient Aztec City and the famous ruin in Mexico. A visit to the Tenochtitlan ruins is a sublime experience because you are given a glimpse of the life of an old civilization. In visiting Tenochtitlan ruins, see the Great Temple and the House of Eagles.


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