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Mauritius is Paradise

I had read about Mauritius in travel blogs before but it wasn’t until our recent trip to South Africa that this exotic island became a reality. In all honestly our initial plan was to travel from South Africa to Madagascar for a 2 week trip around that island, but after a sudden intensified outbreak of the plague there we re-routed our trip to Mauritius instead.

A French speaking predominantly Indian heritage island that is known as a honeymoon destination seemed like the right way to sum up 2.5 months in Africa.

And so we set off from Johannesburg after a week of volunteering at an animal conservation center near Kruger National Park, to the small island nation of Mauritius.

From a rainy day into immediate sunshine we landed into the hot and humid air of Mauritius.

From there our 10 day stay was dictated by Indian curry meals and beach hopping. We spent our evenings on the beach, gazing up at the stars once the skies got completely dark. For a more lively evening we could have headed to the casino and for those of you reading at home be sure to check out the SugarHouse casino promotional code.

Naturally I immediately rented a car for 4 days to drive all over the entire island. From hiking to the tops of mountains to exploring small hidden beaches and everything in between I was in love with this island destination.

It truly is gorgeous, with the most peaceful crystal clear water ever.

Instead of paying for the private exclusive resorts we just wandered onto their private beaches, to take a good look around and take advantage of their curated grounds.

Unfortunately instead of staying in plush resorts we rented a basic Airbnb a short walk away from the beach, with none other than multiple creepy crawly critter encounters. From a a tarantula sized spider that made a visit during Dave’s shower, to flying cockroaches the size of my first, there’s never a dull moment in a humid moist island nation.

Luckily for us the apartment owners were more than happy to help take care of our critter problems, and were never more than a phone call away (and I have to admit we called them quite a few times).

Minus those few exaggerated and emotionally stressful hiccups we overall had a very peaceful and pleasant time in Mauritius.

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