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Live Large Through Weekend Road Trips


Weekend road trips can be amazing adventures, allowing a person to explore an area far enough away from home for it to still be a mini-adventure or exciting experience but also close enough that you can enjoy most of the weekend and not have to stress out spending most of your time traveling before rushing back to pick up the work week. While many people think of RV rentals as being something to jump at before a long distance trip, the truth is they can be the perfect way to kick off an awesome 2, 3, or 4 day weekend road trip, and the following rules of thumb will help you to make sure the trip is a good one.


#1: Do Your Research

One of the first things you will want to do is take a good look at what is in the area. Many people are amazed at the local attractions, local & state parks, and cool little towns that are within a relatively short distance from where you live. Many you might not have even heard of, but a couple specific Google searches can help you get a short list of places to visit.


#2: Keep It within 4 Hours

While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, the point of a good short-term vacation or weekend adventure is to enjoy exploring a small area, not spend 8 hours on the road, part of a day at a location, and then another full day driving back. That’s not very satisfying and it isn’t very relaxing. While you won’t break the bank if the location is 4.5 hours a way, ideally if it’s within 4 (or 3 is even better) you can make that drive, setup your base camp, and even enjoy the rest of that Friday before kicking into full gear for the weekend.


#3: Look at Your “I Should Sometime” List

Anyone who has traveled to see friends has heard some version of the line “You never see these things when you live here,” or “Man, I should really (do X) sometime.” What is your list of places you should visit, parks you should check out, or relatively nearby events you should take part in? Anyone who has put any thought into traveling or exploring a local area is going to have this short list. That is the perfect place to start to pick out a weekend adventure or two – or at least a couple of things to do or places to check out along the way.


#4: Simple with Open Time

Too many people try to plan a short term or weekend adventure the same way they plan a full vacation. Keep a short adventure relatively simple and give yourself open time to just explore an area. You never know what conversations you might get into, what great hole in the wall bar or restaurant you might find, and part of the fun is having the ability to adjust your schedule to stay in interesting places or take that detour.

Follow these four steps and you will be far more likely to be happy with a fun, easy-going, and exciting weekend road trip aboard your very own Apollo RV rental.

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