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Latest Travel Plans

It has been a whirlwind year. We hit the road in February, hitting up Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and a brief few days in Sri Lanka before jetting off to Europe for the summer, where we enjoyed Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Spain. After a brief visit to the US, we are now in Africa – having just enjoyed a week long safari tour through South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

So what’s next for us?!

We will be spending the next month renting an apartment in Cape Town, South Africa, which after a day here is already my new favorite city.

Plans after Cape Town include a week long road trip along the South African coast, a week of volunteering at a game reserve, and then a few weeks in Madagascar before returning to the US for the holidays.

We’ll only be in the US for 10 days around Christmas and New Years before setting off for yet another country – this time Mexico! We plan to spend 2 months in Mexico from January to March, recharge quickly with friends and family in the US before another 2 month stint in Spain from April to June.

After June though we’ll be making a BIG change in our lives! We’re actually planning on settling down, signing a lease and renting an apartment in Philadelphia for a full year.

Now while this might seem like no big deal to anybody else, for us this will be a huge life shift! After 5 years years of continuous travel, the idea of settling down and having our own apartment makes for quick the life adventure for us.

Since we pretty much own nothing that can’t fit into a 50 liter backpack there will be a lot of major purchases going on. We pretty much need a lot of furniture, and unlike when we lived in DC where we just scrounged around and asked friends of friends for any furniture, this time we will be making the purchased ourselves.  Luckily looks like it can be quite easy to get stylish furniture from Urban Ladder for your home. Our apartment in DC was a hodgepodge of different styles, none of which were harmonious nor matched each other – I am not looking to recreate that environment in Philadelphia.

This time around I want a nicely decorate homey apartment that I will feel super comfortable and cozy at all time. I want a big lounge to lounge on, a dining room table for hosting dinner parties, and a large apartment filled with big windows to let in a maximum amount of natural light.

If we’re letting go of the nomadic travel lifestyle it’s got to be for the right apartment with proper furniture and a great look.

We’ll see where we go from there, but currently our plans are to hang up our backpacks and call Philly home from July 2018 to July 2019. Where we go from there we do not know and only time can tell.

The way I’m currently feeling about Cape Town, who knows, we might be living in South Africa at some point in our near future too!

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