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Lover’s Leave – Holiday Destinations for You and Your Partner

It can often feel like the world is built for people in love. Certainly, when it comes to holiday resorts, couples get their pick of the best locations. If you don’t have to worry about kids having tantrums or surviving on a solo trek, you can truly kick back and relax.

Whether you’re keen to visit the Seychelles, wander European cities, or climb mountains in Asia, the world is your oyster. In fact, the biggest challenge is deciding where to go. Even paying for a dream holiday is easy if you visit Latitude Finance for travel loans and advice.

This guide to the most romantic destinations on the planet will give you some travel inspiration.


Puerto Rico

 Culebra island adventures

The diminutive island of Puerto Rico is more beautiful than you can imagine. You’ve got to get out there and see it to truly understand its majesty. It is a great location for couples who like to mix their lounging with culture, as there are museums and historic monuments aplenty. The locals are welcoming, the beaches are glorious, and you’ll definitely find it hard to leave.


Sri Lanka

 Like Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka has gone from backpacking gem to tourist hotspot over the last decade. The prices are still low and the crowds relatively small, but they won’t stay this way for long. Now is the perfect time to visit and enjoy its peaceful, tropical atmosphere. There are eight UNESCO World Heritage sites here, so you won’t run out of things to do.



 If you’re a little wary about its sister island, Jamaica, Barbados is a more than worthy alternative. It is safer and better equipped because it isn’t struggling with the same economic challenges. There are luxury resorts everywhere you turn, but the region maintains its uniquely raucous vibe. For couples who love good food, drink, and dancing, Barbados awaits.


Las Vegas

 The City of Lights can seem like a clichéd choice, but there is a lot more than casinos. Plus, is there anything more romantic than a holiday destination which is perpetually glowing and glittering? In Vegas, romance is whatever you want it to be. Try your hand at the craps table, dine out in fancy restaurants, or hand with crazy characters on the Strip. It’s up to you.



 After the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil is basking in an unexpected glow. So many people doubted its ability to pull off the biggest event in the world, but it ended up being a huge success. There were some hiccups but they only added to its immense charm. Brazil is hot, sexy, and unashamedly sultry. This is a country of fiery personalities and vibrant culture.


The Seychelles

 If you’re looking for somewhere a bit quieter, where you can be alone with your love, the Seychelles are worth a look. The country is actually made up of hundreds of tiny islands. You’ll have your pick of exotic, isolated resorts. With white sand beaches, azure blue waters, and waving palm trees, it’s hard to match their natural beauty.



The Indonesian island of Bali is famous for lots of things. It has mischievous monkeys, volcanic beaches, exquisite scenery, and an amazing culinary heritage. Whatever it is you want to do; snorkelling, jungle trekking, sunbathing, hang gliding, or just sipping on fruity cocktails, you can do it here. For a super romantic treat, book yourself in for a massage at a luxury spa.

How to Take Out a Loan for Your Dream Romantic Holidays

 If you’ve never thought about borrowing cash for a holiday before, now might be the right time. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to apply and how much support you get when repaying the sum. Travel loans are a fast track to stress-free adventures because the money arrives quickly and you don’t have to think about settling the debt until you’re back home. Stop dreaming and start living today!

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