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High Altitude Travel Photography Tips


If you are planning a trip with a travel firm like Kandoo Adventures you will definitely want to brush up on your high altitude photography skills. Most of their trips take you high above sea level to places like the Tiger’s nest and Thimpu in Bhutan.

In locations like this, you will be treated to spectacular views that are quite unlike anything else you are likely to find elsewhere. Therefore, you really do not want to miss the chance to capture what you see using your camera. To help you to do exactly that, I have put together these high altitude photography tips.

The right camera

Walking at high altitude is exhausting, so the last thing you need is to be carrying more equipment than is absolutely necessary. That is why it is doubly important that you pack the right camera and lenses for the job.

The advice regarding which is the right camera for the job varies. However, the consensus seems to be that an SLR camera is the right choice in most conditions. Fitting one with a wide angle lens gives you the best chance of being able to capture the panoramic mountain views that you will see during your hike.

Stick to using manual mode as much as possible

For most shots, you will get far better results by using manual mode. However, there is no harm in shooting off a few automatic ones too. Doing so gives you more options when it is time to edit and catalog your photos. But, the majority of the time using a manual setup is the way to go.

Protect your camera

In many high altitude locations, the weather conditions can be extreme. It is important to take a good quality case with you and too always use it. Often, the terrain is uneven and rocky. In that environment, it is all too easy to trip and drop or fall on your camera. A good case will protect your camera as well as keep it dry and stop it from getting too cold.

Protect yourself

No matter how good the camera is, it is the operator that finds and frames the shot. If you are shivering with cold or your hands are numb there is no way you will be able to take good photographs. So, invest in proper protective clothing to keep yourself warm and healthy.

You need good footwear too. Wearing the right hiking boots or shoes ensures that you can safely reach and stand in the best spots when taking your photographs.

Practice before you go

Try to buy everything you need for your trip well in advance. This gives you the chance to go through a dry run or two by hiking in the hills or mountains that are located near where you live. The more familiar you are with your equipment and the types of shots you can take the better the photos of your special trips will be.

Learn more from other´s experiences

Someone who has already ‘been there and done that’, so to speak can teach you a lot. In this article, a photographer shares his experience of taking photos on a trek to Everest Base Camp. As you will see, he struggled a bit, but still managed to take some fantastic photos. His story is a real eye-opener when it comes to taking photos at high-altitude and he includes some great tips in this article.

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