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A guide to travelling to the Super Bowl

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As 2017 draws to a close, the thought of the 2018 Super Bowl will, as a fan of American Football, be at the forefront of your mind. Even if you just love to travel and experience the biggest events on the planet, this is something to schedule into your diary. The Super Bowl is known, not only for its sporting thrills, but also the sheer entertainment value of the halftime show; this season’s performer will be Justin Timberlake, who will be making his first appearance since 2004’s infamous “nipplegate”.

Super Bowl LII will be held in the wonderful city of Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota. Due to take place on February 4th, 2018 at the U.S. Bank Stadium, it will be the second time the city has played host to this premier sporting occasion. As a sport fan, the chance to watch your favourite team grab the coveted title is something not to be missed. If you will be travelling to the USA for this great experience, Minneapolis will blow you away.

Be sure to plan

If you are thinking of heading over to the Super Bowl in person then you need to make plans. Obvious things such as an up to date passport, relevant VISAs and plane tickets should be high on your pre-planning agenda. Don’t leave it too late to sort out your accommodation either – the Super Bowl attracts lots of people so the hotels will soon get booked up!

The other major thing to grab is your Super Bowl ticket. If you haven’t got one already then you will need to look on the secondary re-sale market to find a reputable seller.

Tips for Super Bowl travel

As the title of this piece suggests, you will need to know about travelling to the Super Bowl. Here are some great tips to help you enjoy the experience to the maximum:

  • Arrive in good time – you may not realise this but the Super Bowl is actually a 10-day festival overall. The game is the centrepiece but there is lots going on around Minneapolis for the rest of the time. Make sure you arrive in the city a few days before, so you can experience the buzz.
  • Use public transport – once you are settled in at your hotel, the best way to get around in Minneapolis during the Super Bowl is via the superb public transport system. Metro transit links run on the Blue (Minneapolis) and Green (St Pauls) lines which go straight to the U.S. Bank Stadium.
  • Think about parking – if you will be driving to the Super Bowl then you need to think about parking. With 65,000 downtown parking spots put in place by the Minneapolis authorities, you should be able to find a spot if you plan ahead. Pre-paid reserved parking can be arranged beforehand or you can use one of the many parking meters in the city.
  • Plan to leave – the couple of days after the actual match are very busy with people travelling back home. As such, it is important to factor this in when travelling back at this time yourself.

What else is there to do in Minneapolis?

If you want to make the most out of your Super Bowl trip and turn it into a proper vacation, then Minneapolis has lots to offer. It has a stellar reputation as a city for food lovers with many fine restaurants. It is also a place that embraces music. There are four opera companies and many live venues where you can check out the local bands. If going to the theatre is your thing then Minneapolis has that covered. There are lots of productions to take in and the city is second only to New York in live theatre per capita.

Which teams might be there to watch?

Of course, the main attraction for many is the Super Bowl final itself. Many will be wondering who will make it and you can find more information around this online at Currently, the favourites seem to be the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers and if their recent showdown is anything to go by, it would be a great final!

An interesting shout for reaching the final is the home town team, the Minnesota Vikings. They are third in the betting to make it at around 8/1, which might be a tempting proposition for some.

Excitement is guaranteed

Whether you plan to travel to the Super Bowl for sporting reasons or just for the whole experience, then it will be an exciting trip. The game itself will deliver all the usual big-hitting thrills while sampling Minneapolis will also be sure to be something you will never forget. If you plan thoroughly and are fully prepared for travelling and know what you want to do while you are there, then you will have a vacation to remember. Just don’t forget your ticket to get in!

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